How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”


During an interview, the employer will ask a variety of questions to determine if you are a good fit for the position you are applying for. It’s a daunting process and requires you to be confident and thorough in your answers — especially when asked: “Why should we hire you?”

Although common, this question can catch some people off guard, and should therefore be one that you prepare for. A good answer can impress hiring managers and show you genuinely want to work for the company. A poor answer, however, can make you appear clumsy and uncertain. In this article, we run through the best way to answer, and things to avoid.

Why do employers ask “Why should we hire you?”

Employers ask this question to assess whether you are fit for the role. They want insight into things about you, told from the most reliable source — you. An employer will look at how you might contribute to their short- and long-term business goals and what separates you from other candidates. Other factors an employee looks for in this question include:

Whether you have substantial experience in the field.

if you have a passion for the job.

Your level of determination to succeed.

If you can boost their team’s capabilities.


How to Answer

Research the company and job description

This is where you show the employer that you did your homework. Research the company and its culture to see how you fit in. Is it an easy-going, friendly work environment? Next, assess the job specifications and pick out keywords like ‘experience’, ‘requirements’ and ‘education’. This will tell you about the type of candidate they’re looking to hire. If you possess the skills and qualifications, be sure to include this in your response.

Remain calm and confident

Try to remain calm and confident throughout the interview. It’s natural to feel nervous, but answering with positivity and grace is a sign that you believe in your own skills and what you can offer the company.

Talk about your background

When talking about your skills, make sure they apply to the role. Try to weave in stories and anecdotes to support your efficiency at that skill. This could help to set you apart from other candidates who might just list their skills with no memorable or exciting narrative.


You should hire me for this position because my experience accurately overseeing inventory intake and skills in creating modernized rotas makes me uniquely qualified for this role. I understand you require someone who is well organized with acute attention to detail. In my previous job, I successfully handled rotas for over 20 employees through planning and organizing. I’m excited about the prospect of bringing these qualities to your company.

What to avoid

What to avoid

Being overly confident will hurt you in the long run. Employers don’t want to hire someone who is self-centered. Impressing the interviewer is not about boasting, but about expressing your unique qualities that can benefit the company.

Telling lies

Lying during an interview is a bad idea. The company most likely will do a background or reference check, and you will be outed as dishonest. You shouldn’t have to lie to impress the employer.

Speaking too long

Your response should last around 2 minutes or less. When practicing, if you go beyond the 2-minute mark, it’s worth revising your response to make it short and succinct. The last thing you want to do is lose the interviewer’s attention.

Being clueless

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. This goes without saying, but you should never walk into an interview unprepared. Make sure you not only prepare leading up to the interview, but get plenty of rest the night before.

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