What is the Job of FT & PT Package Handlers



FedEx is a major corporation based in New York, United States. The primary business of this company is to ensure a smooth package and good delivery all across the world. As a major corporation, it possesses many warehouses where goods are sometimes stored and packed before delivery. This is where the job of an FT & PT Package Handler develops. An FT & PT Package Handler loads, unloads, and sorts the packages of various sizes. It is critical, as it requires strength and an active state of mind to perform these duties efficiently. A Handler must handle the boxes with extreme care and caution as any mistake or error would send the package elsewhere.


Responsibilities of an FT & PT Package Handler:

Responsibilities of an FT & PT Package Handler include:


  1. Loading Packages on Transport Vehicles.

  2. Unloading Packages from Transport Vehicles.

  3. Sorting the Packages in an advised manner according to the size of packages.

  4. Labeling the boxes accurately.

  5. Delivering the packages to specified locations.

  6. Maintaining well-mannered and professional behavior.


Education and Training Requirements


There are no such educational requirements at FedEx if you want to become an FT & PT package handler. Primary education is enough to apply for this job and even score it. These are the basic requirements every FT & PT package handler needs to pass before securing the job:

  • Applicants have to pass a physical test to prove that they are physically fit

  • The Applicants must be at least 16 years old or more

  • The Applicants must have one year of experience in the relevant field

  • Applicants must have Good oral and written communication skills

  • The Applicants must be hardworking and diligent in producing results

  • Applicants must be able to work efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision

  • The Applicants must have the physical ability to lift heavy weights of up to 100lbs

  • The Applicants must be able to work flexible hours, including night shifts, as required



Licensing and Certifications


Often, the candidates must have a driving license to have them work with lifts and other vehicles. Moreover, upon passing the initial interviews and physical tests, each candidate is required to complete three days of training followed by one week of the job training. This ensures that the candidates are in good shape and ready for daily job activities.

A crane operator license is also required if the candidate is willing to serve as a crane operator. But this opportunity is available only at certain positions.




So, with everything discussed, it’s time to discuss the salary. You might be surprised to know that a standard FT & PT package handler at FedEx is entitled to a compensation of $10 or more an hour. If you work 8 hours a day, you can earn up to $80 per day. Work hours and days are pretty dynamic at FedEx. So, if you want to take the weekend off and work only five days a week, that means you are making $400 per week.

The minimum pay of about $10 is not fixed, however. Every employee at FedEx is entitled to bonuses and raises depending upon their hard work, experience, and dedication to work.


The Rise of the Industry:


FedEx being a primary corporate sector, has touched high tops. As the motto of the company states, Enter for a Job, stay for a career. So, FedEx is always trying to provide and convert a standard job for their employees into a career. As with the rise of technology and the recent pandemic, more and more people have switched towards online shopping. Which has significantly increased the transportation business. This is the exact accurate time for anyone to enter this industry and make a good fortune out of it.



There are several ways to find a suitable opportunity for yourself in this diverse and colossal field. You can either build up your portfolio on LinkedIn or wait for the perfect manager to see you. You can also check for career opportunities on the official website of FedEx. But you want to have it in the most accessible and convenient way. Just visit the Jobs section of our website and search the title, and you will have all the opportunities right in front of you. Click Here to check out the possibilities.

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