What is the job of an Associate Professor?

The job of an Associate Professor is not a fixed-tenure job. An associate professor is just below a full-time professor, but with varied more responsibilities than a professor. The associate professors work at universities and colleges. Moreover, the job of an associate professor is a reputable job and requires high-level qualifications to pass its requirements.

Basic duties of an associate professor:

There are multiple duties that an associate professor performs, comprising

  • Drafting notes and lessons for the class: Associate professors make learning material for classes! Which included making notes for the batch or planning the weekly schedule or curriculum for the classes.
  • Teaching students of the college/ university: Associate professors give lectures and learning lessons to the students according to the schedule. Which also includes clearing the doubts of students and guiding them in academics.
  • Attending conferences: Attending conferences and seminars is one of the many duties of an associate professor. Certainly, attending social events on a daily basis or once in a while, depending upon the institution one is working in.
  • Performing researches and presenting conclusions: Doing researches in the area of specialization is also part of the job! In addition to this, presenting its reports and conclusions from time to time is crucial.
  • Performing basic administrative tasks: Organizing events and guest seminars and socializing with other researchers and experts, etc.
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Qualification and skills required:

The minimum qualification of an associate professor is a Master’s degree in the area of specialization or a doctorate. Furthermore, a few of the major skills required are:

  1. Good research skills: One of the major duties of an associate professor is to do research, therefore having good research skills and zeal to accomplish it, is crucial.
  2. Efficient administrative skills: It’s very crucial to have good administrative skills as managing administrative work is part of the job.
  3. Good communication skills: Being able to explain one’s research and lessons to the class is very crucial.
  4. Effective organization skills: Organizing seminars and hosting an event is a regular job for an assistant professor, therefore, this skill is a must.
  5. Multi-tasking skills: Being able to handle multiple job duties at a single point of time is not everyone’s cup of tea! Therefore, having multi-tasking skills is important.
  6. Proficient writing skills: For an assistant professor, having good writing skills is crucial, especially to make effective reports and notes.
  7. Excellent teaching skills: As the name suggests, an assistant professor teaches students, certainly having good writing skills is crucial.
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Expected pay:

The main components to determine an assistant professors pay are:

  • The institution that one is working for
  • Level of experience an individual has in the specialized field
  • Area of specialization.

These are the three major factors to determine the salary of an assistant professor. But the average annual pay of an assistant professor is around $75,000.

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