What is the job of an Agent?



Every day, we come across the word “Agent”. From Real estate to travels, to the insurance world, agents are a very important set of people. 

They are super smart professionals who represent their clients and companies. They know the nitty-gritty of the company’s mission and vision. Also, they know the goals of their clients and work with these pictures in view.

Companies and Clients are mostly busy. They do not have the time to do what Agents do. In most cases, most clients do not even have the expertise to do so. Hence, researching and striking business growth deals are left for the Agents.

Agents can work in different fields. What they need are interpersonal skills, research skills, and business growth skills. They also have to be very confident communicators.

Find out more about who these people are and what they do, by reading this till the end. 

Who is an Agent? 

An Agent is a professional who represents his or her boss. In this setting, the people they work for are called “Clients”. So, Agents represent them in meetings, striking deals, contracts, etc.

Agents can work in different spheres. These include Real estate, The entertainment industry, etc. 

Their main focus is to help their clients get more business deals, depending on the field.

In real estate, they help clients get more tenants and buyers of land and landed properties. In the music/entertainment industry, they help their clients get more  deals. They must be able to do lots of reading and research to make headway in their work. 

One important aspect of their job is that they must be intimately familiar with their client. They must know the company they represent very well. This is because whatever deals they’ll be striking should be in line with clients’ goals. The contracts they win should be something the company will be proud of.

Agents do a lot of research. They go out to meet new people and build connections. So their work schedule is not definite. Whenever an opportunity comes that can be beneficial to their client or company, they take it up.

Responsibilities of an Agent 

The duties of Agents include but are not limited to:

  • Offering sincere advice to clients concerning opportunities to take up. This is because they know more since they represent clients in many ways.
  • Providing good customer service to customers.
  • Giving customers valid and compelling reasons why their clients are the best.
  • Defending companies and clients in situations that warrant such.
  • Educating customers and potential customers on the rules of the company.
  • Adequate documentation of every contract and business deal.
  • Ensuring that only eligible customers are accepted.
  • Researching critically to know the eligibility of customers.
  • Updating company websites as often as necessary.
  • Verifying every information gotten from customers.
  • Ensuring adequate inventory management.
  • Ensuring strict confidentiality concerning the company’s or client’s secret.
  • Developing personal strategies for getting new contacts or customers.
  • Presenting opportunities and contracts before clients and company board. 

Qualifications for practice as an Agent 

To practice successfully as an Agent in any sphere in the United States, these are necessary:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Education, Business, or Public relations. One in any related field also fits.
  • Experience working as a Representative.
  • Internship as an Agent assistant also helps. But this is not an absolute necessity.

Other requirements that can help one easily include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good research skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Perseverance
  • Good computer and internet skills
  • Good understanding of client’s needs
  • Customer service skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Good human relationship skills
  • Good listening skills


The salary of Agents depends on the sector they work in. It also depends on their level of education. But it is highly dependent on the number of contracts they can secure within a time frame. This is because most companies allocate percentages of profit as their salaries.

In the United States, Agents averagely earn from $37,174 to $72,738 in a year.

Job Opportunities 

Agents can work in several places. These include:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Television Presenters
  • Real estate
  • Sales
  • Travels
  • Technological Industries
  • Entertainment Industries, etc.


Agents are very talented professionals who help to move companies forward. They are at the forefront of all that a company or client will be engaged in. 

It takes experience to become an exceptional Agent. If helping people achieve their goals gives you fulfillment, please consider this.

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