What is the job of an Adoption Agent?

Adoption agent


There are several value-adding careers in the world today. Child, Family, and School Social Works are one of them. Adoption agencies fall under this, for order. The job of an adoption agent involves helping children get the best possible lives they can. In the US and all over the world, occurrences of unwanted pregnancies are common. Likewise, abandoned children, and children whose parents cannot cater for. Adoption agencies come in for these children. They give them opportunities for a better life. These include access to good living conditions and education, among others.

What is an Adoption Agent?

An Adoption Agent is a worker under the Child, Family, and School Social Works Career. They are also referred to as Adoption Specialists or Adoption Social Workers.

He or she functions to build the relationship between the adoption triad. This refers to children, their biological parents (if any), and the adoptive parents. This is a fundamental part of the adoption process. It is done by applying their professionalism to make the entire process easier. Without the presence of an adoption agent, adoption cannot be done.

These agents cannot practice privately. They can only practice under the cover of a registered and licensed Adoption Agency. These agencies are usually regulated by the Government.

To become an Adoption Agent, one must get a degree in Social Works or a related field. 

Responsibilities of an Adoption Agent

The duties of Adoption Agents include, but are not limited to:

  • Educating both parties on all they need to know about the adoption process.
  • Counseling.
  • Ensuring a smooth matching process. This is simply helping children get the best adoptive family.
  • Ensuring financial security of a pregnant mum who intends to give out her child for adoption.
  • Ensuring a smooth relationship in the adoption triad.
  • Thorough screening and interviewing of the adoptive family. This is to ensure that they have all it takes to care for a child.
  • Ensuring good documentation at all stages of the process.
  • Helping both parties get a suitable attorney.
  • Thorough evaluation of foster homes and orphanages.
  • Being available to answer questions, give professional advice and consultation.
  • Analyzing data and information.

Qualifications for Practice

To practice as an Adoption Agent in the United States, the following are necessary:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Social Works or a related field. In addition, this should be from an accredited Higher Institution.
  • An MSc in Social Works.
  • A certificate of internship from a licensed Agency. 
  • Certificates of training in other works related to child welfare. This is not necessary but may be of great help.

Other requirements for practice as an adoption agent also include:

  • Good communication skills.
  • Child welfare skills.
  • Empathy.
  • Children advocate.
  • Passion for children.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Administrative skills.
  • Teaching skills.
  • A good understanding of Child care.


In the United States, an Adoption Agent earns about $53,262 per year and $26 per hour. This is, however, dependent on the agency where he or she works. It also depends on his or her qualification and experience.

Working Environment

There are no standard working schedules for Adoption Agents. But they are required to always be alert and ready for work when called upon. Their professional duties, however, do not include weekends.

The nature of their jobs can require meeting clients in their homes, in the offices, or elsewhere. So, their work environment is not static.

Job Opportunities

A family of three women and a baby

An adoption agent, however, has a limited offer in terms of place of work. He or she can only work with:

  • National Adoption Agencies
  • Local Adoption Agencies


Adoption Agents are important people in the world today. They have given themselves to a selfless profession. They are wonderful children lovers. Adoption agents make themselves available to help provide children with the best life possible. They help greatly in preventing the rates of abortion. They also give abandoned children hope for a good life.

A career in this setting is a noble choice. It is an avenue to contribute one’s quota to society’s development. It also avails the opportunity of being part of a child’s life. This is sometimes even before they can understand things. In addition, it is a profession that one will always be proud of. If you have a passion for children, you should consider this role. 

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