What Is the job of an Accredited Pharmacy Technician?

Accredited pharmacy technician


Accredited Pharmacy Technicians are medical practitioners, they work closely with a professional pharmacist to help consult, dispense medications to patients, and make sure their patients get the maximum healthcare. They take and review prescriptions orders and also render health-related advice to their patients. The role of an accredited pharmacy technician varies from one particular state to the other, but generally, they are responsible for effective pharmaceutical operations. Like the pharmacist, they can also advise on patients’ health, how best patients should take their drugs, and also educate patients on how their lifestyle choices affect their health.

Accredited Pharmacy Technicians are trained on the technical aspects of how drugs are supplied and dispensed, they also perform administrative duties in pharmacy practice, for example reviewing a doctor’s prescription or insurance companies’ prescription, to ensure proper administration of drugs. They are also experts in handling difficult situations, nevertheless, they work under the thorough supervision and guidance of a professional pharmacist.

What is Pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a branch of health science that deals with the preparation, standardization, and dispensation of drugs. It is also the art or practice of preparing, dispensing, and preserving drugs. There are various areas of specialization in pharmacy such as community pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, regulatory pharmacy, home care pharmacy, consulting pharmacy, and so on.

Pharmacy practice embraces the knowledge and details of every drug, including its mechanism of action in the treatment of a disease. The practice of pharmacy started a long time ago. In ancient history, pharmacists were often called herbalists, who supplied the physician with medicinal ingredients, to formulate medicines for patients. The emergence of pharmaceutical industries has led to the development of new and effective medicinal substances, thereby increasing the scope of pharmacy practice and expanding the role of a pharmacist or pharmacy practitioners such as pharmacy technicians.

Responsibilities and Key Duties of an Accredited Pharmacy Technician

The following are some of the responsibilities of Accredited Pharmacy Technicians. They:

  • Dispense over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs, including medical devices to their patients.
  • Give instructions on the use of drugs and also medical devices to their patients.
  • Can also Perform administrative duties in a pharmacy setting.
  • Cross-check or review Doctor’s prescriptions or insurance companies’ prescription requests.
  • Prepare and fill prescriptions.
  • Prepare intravenous products such as Total Parenteral Nutrition solutions, drugs, and treatment.
  • Render advice to their patients, interact with them and give answers to their health-related questions
  • Obey the instructions of the supervising pharmacist, and refer complicated cases to them
  • Manage inventories and also perform organization duties.

Educational Requirements to Become an Accredited Pharmacy Technician

The following are the basic educational requirements for an accredited pharmacy technician:

  • High school diploma.
  • Diploma program in courses such as pharmacy practice, pharmacy law, pharmacy billing, pharmacology, and so on in a pharmacy technician school.
  • Associate of Science in pharmacy technician.

Qualities and Skill Requirements for the job of an Accredited Pharmacy Technician

The qualities and skills of a good accredited pharmacy technician are as follows:

  • Good work ethics.
  • Paying attention to details.
  • Cooperation with other co-workers.
  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Carefulness and meticulousness
  • Empathy
  • Hardworking
  • Calmness
  • Compassion

Other skills include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Relational skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organizing skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Reasoning skills

Where Can An Accredited Pharmacy Technician Work?

An Accredited Pharmacy Technician can work in the following places:

  • Hospital settings
  • Clinic settings
  • Community pharmacies
  • Home care facilities
  • Private homes
  • Prisons
  • With Military forces
  • Pharmaceutical companies and industries


According to Indeed, the average salary of an accredited pharmacy technician is $16.26 per hour. The salary of an accredited pharmacy technician also depends on years of experience and the number of working hours.


The job of a pharmacy technician is to ensure effective pharmaceutical operations such as the preparation, packaging, preservation, and dispensing of pharmaceutical products. They are responsible for preparing and filling in prescriptions, they also collect and review prescription orders. In other words, Accredited Pharmacy Technicians are also drug experts who are also responsible for the smooth administration of pharmacy practice.

A good Pharmacy Technician is accurate and precise in carrying out the same, pays good attention to details, they are meticulous and compassionate. They also possess skills such as communication skills, relational skills, and also organization skills. They are often submitted to the leadership of the supervising pharmacist and also refer difficult cases to the pharmacist in charge. The job of an Accredited Pharmacy Technician is a noble one, and anyone with interest and possessing the mentioned skills and qualities can go for it.

Accredited pharmacy technician

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