What is the job of an Accreditation Manager?

Accreditation Manager


Who is an Accreditation Manager?

An Accreditation Manager is a staff of an organization that is in charge of managing affairs related to accreditation to operate independently. It is usually necessary, especially for recognized firms with great influence in society. 

Some of these include Academic institutions, Healthcare facilities, Commercial banks, and the like. This is because they are organizations that require much from society and also give much back to society. 

It is important that they operate with prescribed standards and within the written laws.

Accreditation Managers also take charge during inspections by higher authorities. They do this by presenting and showing proofs of development, improvement, and compliance with standards. Additionally, they also document improvements by the organization themselves.

Also, more than other staff, these professionals ensure that they always observe other departments to see if they comply with the state policies and standards. This is because it is a core part of their job description. Most inspection processes come up unannounced. It will be a sad story, to meet a company unprepared, because they weren’t conscious of working within prescribed guidelines.

Furthermore, their duties also extend to working closely with heads of various departments within the organization. This greatly simplifies their duties. They must also research to have foreknowledge of current trends.

Moreover, certain skills are a must for success in this career. Some of them include research, leadership, great level of self-confidence, among others. They are to have work experience in managerial positions and new graduates in business-oriented fields.

To find out more about the job description of an Accreditation Manager, kindly ensure you keep following.

Responsibilities of an Accreditation Manager

Accreditation Manager

As explained earlier, these professionals perform some of the most important duties for the success of a recognized firm. An Accreditation Manager is usually vested with the following duties and more.

  • Ensuring that all improvements about accreditation standards are documented with dates.
  • Ensuring that all staff of every unit works in compliance with attained standards.
  • Leading the team of inspectors during periodic accreditation visits.
  • Writing reports, presenting, and submitting annually or periodically.
  • Training junior staff in the department.
  • Attending training and necessary conferences.
  • Being at an edge concerning new developments and trends in government standards.
  • Preparing inspection reviews and analysis.
  • Overseeing new projects and installments, in line with accreditation standards.
  • Ensuring to perform other duties required by the employer.

Qualifications for practice as an Accreditation Manager

The position of an Accreditation Manager is very important in recognized firms and those aiming to grow as well. This, therefore, implies that only employees who qualify will be given employment or promotion. Below are some of the academic qualifications employees look out for.

  • Firstly, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, or a related field.
  • Secondly, a Master’s degree in a related field.
  • Thirdly, working experience of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Incorporation (CALEA).
  • Fourthly, a leadership position experience.

Some skills are also necessary, to facilitate work and increase the employee’s competencies. Some of these include:

  • High level of self-confidence.
  • Computer and software skills.
  • Teaching skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Leadership and coordination skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Documentation skills.
  • Research skills.
  • Great interpersonal relations.
  • Passion to see the organization move forward.
  • Good organization skills 
  • Project management skills.
  • Public speaking skills.

Salary of an Accreditation Manager

An Accreditation Manager earns fairly well. Like other professions, larger companies, companies with great output and profit on return will pay the highest. In addition, staff with great competence, beautiful results, and hugs academic qualifications also earned higher.

Additionally, in the United States, Accreditation Managers earn from around $52,000 to $86,000 on an average. It is way higher in some companies.


Accreditation Managers are important to the staff of organizations that have a great influence on society. Their duties are required to help the organization continue to operate based on government-approved accreditation standards. They also introduce these standards to the organization and additionally lead inspectors whenever they come around.

As a profession, it also requires a great level of discipline, confidence, and leadership skills, among others. People in this profession eventually learn a lot that they can apply in other fields as well.

In conclusion, if the skills and qualifications are something you can relate to, then a career in this field is worth considering.

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