What is the job of an Account Management Assistant?

Account Management Assistant

Definition of an Account Management Assistant:

An account management Assistant is responsible for hiring, training, and overseeing employees. Their main duties include leading and directing employees; ensuring employees follow company policies and overseeing the inventory levels.


There are examples of responsibilities of an account management assistant representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their jobs.

  • Collect, post, and manage account payments using QuickBooks financial software system. 
  • Manage allocated territory budget effectively.
  • Maintain force, logistics, copping, and inventories. 
  • Work nearly with CPA establishment on annual tax filings. 
  • Maintain and track orders via telephone, internet, and through records or files. 
  • Work with outside CPA establishment in preparation of the taxes and tax planning. 
  • Apply an electronic payment result, moving towards ACH payments as the primary form of cash disbursements. 
  • Facilitate seamless on-point services and last-minute logistics requests (grind transport, catering, etc.) 
  • Oversee processing of day-to-day insurance and case deposits as well as ACH deposits to ensure delicacy and proper recording. 
  • Help with customer checks out, creation of invoices using QuickBooks, recycling payments of both cash and bank cards. 
  • Allocate revenue of deals, cash flow, inflow and outflow, wire transfers to ensure compliance with GAAP account standards. 
  • Prepare customer presentations on PowerPoint.

Additional Roles:

  • Better team performance with state and Medicaid documentation demands and deadlines. 
  • Calculate and verify the accuracy of bonus payouts and payroll for the entire association. 
  • Maintain excellent written and oral communication expertise with a high position of confidentiality. 
  • Facilitate the implementation and dissemination of procedural as well as policy changes through effective written and oral communication. 
  • Give briefings, training, advice, and guidance related to help security reporting requirements using Microsoft PowerPoint. 
  • Develop, execute and apply account procedures to ensure that internal account controls are followed under GAAP. 
  • Review all departmental work including tab attestation for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with accounts outstanding policies and procedures. 
  • Complete security officer on the job training, help operations manager with developing operations procedure manuals and post procedures. 
  • Apply changes in policy as well as procedures for audits. 
  • Work nearly with an internal and external inspection to estimate adherence to regulations. 
  • Develop multiple procedures that better financial account operations including a procedure to supply check numbers and error position for payroll input. 
  • Pull credit and run prospective borrowers’ applications through automated financing systems. 
  • Manage allocated territory budget effectively.

Education and Training of an Account Management Assistant:

  • A bachelor’s and master’s degree
  • Associate’s degree in the related field with work experience.
  • Further education, experience, or additional certifications and licenses may be required.


  • Proficient IT skills, particularly proficiency with spreadsheet software.
  • High level of accuracy skills
  • Capability to work as part of a team and take direction accurately.
  • Strong analytical thinker and problem solver 
  • Extremely organized in a manner that is easily read by others.
  • Honest and discreet when dealing with confidential information.
  • Excellent Administrative skills


The national average payment of account management assistants is $51,000 per year in the United State. So; they can earn $3,000 per month. The payment ranges can vary widely depending on so many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.


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