What is the Job of an Accident Investigator

What is the job of a accident investigator

Definition of an Accident Investigator:

The accident investigator is responsible for determining the root causes of accidents, on-the-job injuries, property damage, and close calls to prevent them from occurring again.

 Accident Investigator

Responsibilities of an Accident Investigator:

There are some mentioned responsibilities of an accident investigator resume. which represents typical tasks they are likely to perform in their jobs such as:

  • Determine the cause of the accident.
  • Help the accident from happening again 
  • Ameliorate health and safety conditions in the workplace 
  • Determine whether a violation of civil or state safety and health standards 
  • Contributed to the accident 
  • Determine company or individual liability in case of unborn legal action 
  • Moreover, to determine the need for repairs or replacement of damaged particulars 
  • Determine the need for more education and training for workers. 
  • A thorough and complete accident investigation involves several ways, specifically 
  • Background investigation 
  • Point investigation and interviews 
  • Analysis and reporting

These roles are not easy to tackle. Instead, the accident investigator needs to have a high tolerance to gore and extremely unpleasant scenes and depictions. Moreover, they need to have careful and keen attention to insights and details. As well as they need to have a clear vision and prediction procedures. Moreover, other behaviors such as timeliness, communication skills, quality of work, mind storming skills, problem-solving, as well as analytical decision making. These are all part of the core responsibilities that help individuals create a peaceful working environment. Nevertheless, let’s look at the educational requirements of an accident investigator. 

Education and Training:

An accident investigator needs to be moderately educated to do the job. This is because education provides the basic knowledge about how to perform the job. After knowing, you may require additional training to get on the boat of services. However, here are the educational requirements for this designation:

  • Need specific training or accreditation in collision reconstruction or investigation 
  • 4 years of experience in vehicle crash investigations including vehicle or scene inspections, Event Data Recorder collection, and forensic photography
  • Experience with the collision reconstructions tools such as Event Data Recorder tools, CAD software, crash reconstruction software, scene scanning equipment, photogrammetric, diagnostic tools, etc.
  • Strong communication skills and technical skills
  • Experience with the high voltage vehicle systems
  • Experience working with the local and federal law enforcement personnel regarding case investigations
  • Deep information of the Human, Vehicle, and Environment components of crash investigation and reconstruction


There are several skills that you would have to attain before pursuing the career. These may include basic skills or a few high-level job-specific skills that you would require. However, you have to possess all of these before applying for the job because your performance will be judged on these parameters only. These include things such as:

  • Capability to resolves a wide range of issues in creative ways
  • Demonstrates in making good judgments
  • Capability to manage caseload and produce accurate
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Maintain strong attention to detail.
  • Strong organization skills 
  • Capability to do multitask 


The national average payment of an accident investigator is $67,000 per year in the United State. So; they can earn $6,000 per month. The payment ranges can vary widely depending on so many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.


So, finally, we are here with the conclusion of the whole discussion. We have overlooked the definition of an accident investigator. Moreover, we also discussed what roles are there in the market that need to be performed. After a detailed discussion on the topic, we mentioned the educational requirements and skill set requirements. Then, Lastly, we checked out what the salary expectations can be in this field. But, now to answer the final query in your mind.

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