What is the Job of an Access Clerk

Access Clerk

Definition of an Access Clerk:

An Access Clerk is also known as a patient access clerk. They are the professionals who work within the medical and health care industry. Their job is to verify patient billing and insurance information. They keep track of all the expenses of any patient undergoing treatment within their area of operations. However, their main job is about record-keeping and verification; they are also seen as the main communication bridge between the health care facility and the patient. They inform the patient if there are any problems with their bill payment or insurance. It is their job to clear out any remaining bills that are outstanding by the patient. Although, the job requires much more than that. So, let’s discuss the basic responsibilities and duties they need to perform while on the job.

Responsibilities of an Access Clerk:

An access clerk is considered the first contact to every patient. Here are some of the responsibilities of an access clerk:

  • The Patient Access Clerk must perform some of the basic responsibilities mentioned in the upper section. Yet, the responsibilities are not less than the duties such as the following:
  • Gather and verify the information to ensure the processing of an accurate billing procedure. They fulfill the requirement of reimbursing any amount through Patient Financial services or insurance money.
  • Register the patient using provided verified information. Moreover, schedule any tests or doctor appointments if needed.
  • Collect the Lab test results or any other concluding remarks and maintain a complete record for the patient and the hospital. This includes insurance policy, Medical benefits, and medical history.
  • Must know the difference between an existing patient registration and a new patient registration. This might include building a strong and special connection with a few patients.
  • Patient Access Clerks are trained to become proficient and maintain the standardized benchmarks for the department by alerting the Supervisor as supplies are needed.
  • Accountable to provide accurate receipts for any payment transactions.
  • Files any necessary department paperwork according to department guidelines.

These were some of the basic responsibilities that an access clerk must perform. However, keep in mind that you might have slightly different responsibilities concerning certain factors such as geographic location, health care facility, experience, and culture. This is an important step to keep in mind as we don’t want you to be amazed by any new responsibilities as you start working. Well, now that you know about the expectations from an access clerk, you should know what the educational qualifications required for this job are.

Education and Certifications:

The educational requirements for an access clerk are not much complicated. Checking the educational and certification requirements of any job provides you with insights on the job. However, you must analyze this step before even beginning your actual higher academic studies. So, you must know what kind of education can get you a well reputed career in the field you want.

However, the educational requirements for a clerk are as follows:

  • High School diploma with any subjects.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any subjects, but Accounting and Financials is preferable.
  • Must have basic or expert knowledge of clerical procedures.
  • A certificate in Microsoft Office applications is preferable.

Training and Skills:

However, let’s go through all the training and skill you need to have to get a career as an access clerk. The skills include behaviors such as:

  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Effective communication style.
  • Must know everything about computer data entry.
  • Should be an expert on collections procedures.
  • Must know how to use the Internet.
  • Leadership skills along with compatibility to work in teams.


The national average payment of an Access Clerk is $35,300 per year in the United States. So, they can earn $2,900 per month. The payment ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.


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