What is the Job of an Academic Services Professional

Academic Services Professional

Definition of an Academic Services Professional:

An academic service professional is a person who provides educational services to students. Academic services include support and guidance through the admission process, smooth onboarding to start the academic career, and advice throughout the academic life to get the best out of your degree. It is their job to have complete insight into the procedures happening in different universities or colleges and guide the students. They suggest to the students what kind of academic program or degree they can choose depending on multiple factors, including their previous academic performance, financial status, and cultural difference. They serve as a supporting role for the students throughout their college or university life journey.

Academic Services Professional

Responsibilities of an Academic Services Professional:

An academic service professional has to provide all kinds of services related to academic support. This can include a variety of processes such as:

  1. Provide complete coordination and smooth delivery of academic support services demanded by sure students. Provide every possible support in curricular activities.
  2. Assist in understanding the importance of developing short-term goals and plans.
  3. Guide the students about the whole academic process, such as curriculum, other activities, and evaluation methodology.
  4. Ensure that the quality of the academic curriculum being taught is up to the mark. 
  5. Coordinate, develop, and provide services to address specific student curricular requisites.
  6. Organize training sessions and in-person meetings to provide a complete and detailed overview of all the academic procedures.
  7. Establish a connection with the college or university administration and faculty members to inform them about their needs and progress.
  8. Create planning and specialized steps to improve the quality of guidance and support provided to the students.
  9. Serve as liaison with internal and external institutes and organizations.
  10. Receive feedback and questions and entertain them accordingly.
  11. Maintain a complete record of the student under supervision by performing various tasks such as maintaining files, documents, and databases that may be of a sensitive or confidential nature.

Education & Certification:

The educational requirements for academic services professionals are a bit high. Checking the educational and certification requirements of any job provides you with insights on the job. However, this step must be analyzed before even beginning your actual higher academic studies. So, you must know what kind of education can get you hooked up with the career you want.

However, the educational requirements for a manager are as follows:

  • You would require a high school diploma.
  • After completing high school, you attain a Bachelor’s degree in any academic-related subject.
  • Lastly, you would require a Masters degree in relevant subjects such as Higher Education, business, or counseling.
  • Professional Certificates such as counseling services or the certification for higher education knowledge is preferable.

Training & Skills:

Basic training or experience is preferable in almost every field or career. You must know what kind of training you can get to secure a job in your desired area. As you may know, exercise is designed in such a way as to contact you through all the necessary steps. Training requires you to perform real-world tasks in a simulated environment so that if you make a mistake, it won’t have any impact on anyone. This teaches you how to function without errors in the real world. 

However, let’s just go through all the training and skill you need to have to get a career as an academic service professional:

  • At least two years of experience with counseling services.
  • One year of experience teaching a first-year course at any high ranking university.
  • The candidate must have strong analytical skills.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Strong verbal, written, and public communication and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated account management skills.
  • Ability to research and learn.


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