What is the job of an Academic Registrar?

Academic registrar


Just like the word “Registrar” entails, we can imagine what they do. An Academic Registrar is concerned with the record keeping of students. His or her duty revolves around the administration. This involves records and also .

He or she keeps records of students and presents these records when they are necessary.

Their duties require strong documentation skills and experience in secretarial work. It also involves time management, meticulousness, and other related skills.

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Who is an Academic Registrar?

An Academic Registrar is defined as a professional in charge of student records. He or she keeps records from the date of admission till the date of departure/graduation. They work with either high school students or college students.

Their duties involve a lot of careful attention to detail. This is, however, a very important aspect. Because a minor compilation error can go a long way. A wrong entry can greatly affect a student’s record. 

Records they keep include:

  • Academic results, 
  • CGPAs, 
  • Transcripts,
  • Appeals,
  • Course registrations,
  • Graduation certificates,
  • Letters of recommendations etc.

They are usually graduates of administrative fields. These are accounting, business administration, etc. Some are Master’s degree holders. In larger academic institutions, there is more than one academic registrar. These different registrars will be in charge of the different faculties. Then in every faculty, there’ll be one registrar at least, in charge of every department.

They make use of Computer systems, Microsoft office, and also related databases.

Responsibilities of an Academic Registrar

The duties of Academic Registrars are very important. They influence the smooth affairsvof the institution positively. Some of them include:

  • Documenting students’ admission process.
  • Keeping records of students’ applications.
  • Keeping records of test and examination results.
  • They are also responsible for keeping records of students’ certifications and awards.
  • Rendering information and advice to academic counselors about their students.
  • Preparing and documentation of transcripts and issuing them when necessary.
  • Ensuring confidentiality in all they do about their jobs.
  • Ensuring that they update student records as at when due.
  • Training new staff and subordinates.
  • Plan lecture schedules.
  • Register students’ courses and also lectures.
  • Ensure graduating students meet graduation requirements.

Qualifications for practice as an Academic Registrar.

To practice as an Academic registrar in the US, the following are necessary.

  • A Bachelor’s and/or a Master’s degree in an administrative field.
  • Prior experience in an administrative role.

Other skills necessary for employment include:

  • Good documentation skills
  • Good expertise in Microsoft office and also good communication skills
  • Great organization skills
  • High level of confidentiality and also self-confidence
  • Good computer skills
  • Great interpersonal skills

Job Environment

In the United States, Academic Registrars generally work in Academic Institutions. These include Colleges and High schools. 

They also work in office settings with functional computer systems. This is because they make much use of databases. They work full time, exclusive of weekends and also public holidays. This is around 36 to 40 hours a week.


Academic Registrars earn between $26,000 and $56,000 yearly in the United States. The exact value depends on the sector they work in. It also depends on their qualification and experience. For some places, it can depend on how 

many hours they work.

Career Path

Academic Registrars can study further to obtain higher educational qualifications. This can also facilitate or favor promotion in their facilities. 

In Colleges, they can go as far as becoming:

  • Provost’s
  • Chief academic Officers
  • Directors of student affairs
  • Directors of Admissions, etc. 

These positions come with higher pays of up to and above $96,000 per annum.


An Academic Registrar is an amazing record keeper. They are hard-working and also professionals. They also help to keep organized records for every student. Academic registrars provide necessary information as at when due. They help the smooth running of events in the institution. An academic registrar offer professional advice that can affect each student positively. 

Academic Registrars find relevance in Academic settings. These are, high schools and also colleges, sometimes, elementary schools. Their earnings depend on their levels of education and experience. A Ph. D certification is the highest education level.

In addition, a career as an Academic Registrar is a noble choice. If one has an interest in secretarial duties and. documentation, this is a fulfilling profession. 

However, one must be very disciplined and confidential.

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