What is the job of an Academic Counselor?

Academic counselor


Academic Counselors concern themselves with the general well-being of students. Their duties are directed towards High School and College students. They monitor students’ academic performance. They also monitor students’ health & mental well-being. 

These professionals are people who understand children and teenagers. Likewise, they have expert knowledge of relating to inexperienced youth. Because their job requires that, they work closely with these groups of people.

To find out more about the job description of an Academic Counselor, keep reading.

Who is an Academic Counselor?

An Academic Counselor is a professional who works with students. These could be students of high school or college. He or she helps them remain focused all through their years in school. They are very much concerned about whatever concerns students. 

One professional can be assigned to one or more students. So, he or she must have an eye on the student(s). Punctuality in school, attentiveness in class, are all parameters they observe.

He or she will also observe the students’ involvement in extracurricular activities. Their major aim is to ensure that nothing affects students’ academic performance.

Furthermore, Academic Counselors note the strengths and weaknesses of students. In the same vein, they help them improve on their strengths and work on weaknesses. But they leave out weaknesses that would become distractions. If a student is good in general sciences, they help the student become excellent.

What about a student good at general sciences and bad at math? They help such students improve in math. This is because they know it is important for general sciences.

Also, their duties cover helping the student select courses for study in College. They do this by making sure students do well in particular areas. This means that every academic counselor must be knowledgeable. They must have a good understanding of subjects required for courses in college.

Responsibilities of an Academic Counselor

The duties of Academic Counselors include but are not limited to:

  • Helping students know their academic performance.
  • Helping students focus in school.
  • They help students select courses of study in College.
  • Helping students improve on their strengths.
  • Helping students work on their weaknesses.
  • They help students know what areas to focus on and what areas to ignore.
  • Helping students combine work and school effectively.
  • Helping students set academic goals.
  • Academic counselors help students achieve academic goals.
  • Helping students’ overall personal development.
  • Helping students cope with challenges.
  • They help students develop good characters.
  • Finding out the reason for students’ behaviors or performance.
  • Helping students have a good mindset for a successful life.
  • Helping students have a sense of purpose and direction.

Qualifications for practice as an Academic Counselor

To practice as an Academic Counselor in the United States, the following are needed:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Education
  • An M.Sc in Psychology.
  • State Certification or License to practice.
  • Experience in working with children or teenagers. On the other hand, an Internship Certification can be used. 

In the same vein, there are other necessary skills:

  • Good communication skills.
  • Academic counselors must have good interpersonal skills.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Empathy.
  • Patience.
  • Ability to learn fast.
  • They must have the ability to remember fast.
  • Ability to keep secrets.
  • Passion for students.
  • Passion to help others succeed.

Job Opportunities 

An Academic Counselor can find relevance in any of the following places:

  • Colleges
  • Universities.
  • High Schools.
  • Elementary Schools.
  • Healthcare centers
  • Public Agencies

Work Environment

The work environment for Academic Counselors depends on the facility where they work. In schools or colleges, it will be a typical office setting. This office will be conducive for at least two people. It will also have a computer. 

Similarly, more than two staff may be in a larger room. Every staff member will have his or her designated area. This area will also be an office setting. 

Working hours are typically eight hours a day. This is exclusive of weekends and public holidays.


In the United States, an Academic Counselor earns about $61,000 a year. This can also be as high as $85,000. It depends on the facility and the experience of the staff.


In conclusion, Academic Counselors are people who play important roles in student lives. No student will live to forget a good counselor. If making a positive impact in life gives you fulfillment, this is a career worth considering.

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