What is the job of an Academic Coordinator?

Academic Coordinator


An Academic Coordinator concerns him or herself with the academic curriculum of students. These are mostly high school and university or college students. They also help to procure and create effective teaching aids and methods, all to meet the appropriate academic standards.

In addition, they also calculate students’ CGPAs, supervise and monitor activities of teaching and nonacademic staff, to ensure that everything is done according to prescribed standards.

Their job description also means working together with other academic or non-academic staff, as a team.

To find out more about the job description of an Academic Coordinator, keep following.

Who is an Academic Coordinator?

An Academic coordinator is a staff who works in academic institutions; elementary, High schools, and Colleges. He or she ensures that adequate teaching aids and materials are made available when needed. 

They also evaluate teaching stages, to find out their strengths, areas of weaknesses and also help them become better. In addition, they are greatly involved in developing curriculums for every class or stage. This is to be by government-given standards. So they develop this and ensure that teachers and lecturers are working with it. 

Also, these professionals can be teachers in the same school, with academic coordination as an additional job. They might also be involved in taking on particular students and ensuring that they improve academically. For example, foreign students.

Furthermore, Academic Coordinators are usually graduates of Education, with Master’s degrees in Educational Administration or another related field. They also work full-time.

Let’s learn more about their responsibilities.

Responsibilities of an Academic Coordinator

Academic Coordinator

The duties of an Academic Coordinator revolve around the student and the education system. Some of them are as follows:

  • Being part of recruitment processes for new staff to endure that they are qualified.
  • Helping students calculate CGPAs and select majors and courses for the session.
  • Evaluating performance of teaching staff.
  • Observing for areas of weaknesses and helping to improve on them.
  • Presenting and training teaching staff on new developments in academic systems and curriculums.
  • Ensuring that necessary teaching aids are made available by the school or academic institution.
  • Being part of the development of the teaching curriculum for every class.
  • Ensuring that these curriculums are in line with government-given standards.
  • Ensuring that people who do not qualify do not get the jobs.
  • Following up on special students to ensure they are improving.

Qualifications for practice as an Academic Coordinator.

To practice as an Academic Coordinator in the United States, the following are necessary.

  • Firstly, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, or an Education related course; one that exposes the staff to teach.
  • Secondly, a Master’s degree in Education Administration, or a related field.
  • Thirdly, experience with teaching, management, coordination, or leadership.

In addition, certain skills, as well know, are also greatly important for employment or promotion to this position. Some of them are as follows. Academic Coordinators should have the following skills:

  • Support services.
  • Holding meetings.
  • Professional development.
  • Student records.
  • Academic support.
  • Communication.
  • Leadership.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Ability to pay careful attention to details.
  • Computer software.
  • Developing relationships with people.
  • Time management.
  • Project Management, etc.

Career Path

Most Academic Coordinators start as teachers or lecturers. Display of great level. of competence, in addition to improvement in educational qualification, leads to promotion. One can become an adjunct instructor and proceed to Academic Coordinator. Also, higher positions like Assistant Director, Project Manager, Administrative Director, and Executive Assistant exist. By 2030, the career should grow by 8%.


The Salary of Academic Coordinators is dependent on certain factors.

  • Firstly, their educational qualification.
  • Secondly, their work experience.
  • Thirdly, their display of competence.
  • Also, it can depend on the size and location of the Academic Institution.
  • Moreover, it can also depend on their work schedule.

However, the average salary for workers in the United States is around $87,449.

Work Environment

Academic Coordinators work in academic institutions for learning; elementary, high school, colleges, and universities. They usually work full time, up to 36 to 40 hours a week, excluding weekends and public holidays. In schools like elementary schools, he or she may also be a teacher, and take up academic coordination as an additional job.


An Academic Coordinator is a dedicated staff, one who puts the students and puppies ahead of him or herself. They desire to see these acquire and learn all they can, to become better leaders in the future.

Additionally, it is a career that facilitates adding value to society and one worth considering.

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