What is the Job of an Abrasive Grader Helper?

Definition of Abrasive Grader Helper:

An Abrasive Grader Helper can dump abrasives into a pebble mill or connect a hose to the agitator tank, and shovel graded abrasives from the vats. They are also required to perform additional assisting tasks, such as repairing, maintaining, moving objects, and others.

Responsibilities of Abrasive Grader Helper

An abrasive grader helper performs various duties, some of which are mentioned in the upper section. However, we list the detailed responsibilities below:

  1. Clean and maintain machinery, equipment, and work areas to ensure the proper functioning and safe working conditions.
  2. Record production and operational data, like the number of materials processed.
  3. Inspect materials and products for defects and ensure conformance to specifications.
  4. Pushing dual control buttons and moving controls to start, stop, or adjust machinery and equipment.
  5. Weigh and measure materials or products to ensure conformance to specifications.
  6. Manufacturing and marking materials, products, and samples, following instructions.
  7. Transfer the materials and products to and from machinery and equipment, usage of industrial trucks or hand trucks.
  8. A Grader must fasten, package, or stack materials and products, use hand tools, and fastening equipment.
  9. Loading the materials and products into machines and equipment or onto conveyors, hand tools, and moving devices.
  10. To remove the materials and products from machines and equipment and place them in boxes, trucks, or conveyors, use hand tools and moving devices.
  11. Opening and closing gates of belts and pneumatic conveyors on machines fed directly from preceding machines.
  12. Adding chemicals, solutions, or ingredients to machines or equipment as needed by the manufacturing process.
  13. Scoop materials into containers, devices, or equipment for processing, storage, and transport.

Education and Training

The Abrasive Grader Helper needs no college majors or educational programs for this career. So, this typically means that post-secondary education is not a mandatory requirement for this type of job. This role only needs a high school diploma and the knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects.


As an Abrasive Grader Helper, you don’t need a high education qualification to do the job. You can seek the opportunity with even a high school diploma. But, you must contain skills to perform your job efficiently, such as:

  • Operation Monitoring 
  • Good Reading Comprehension
  • Active Listener
  • Excellent Speaking skills 
  • Good in Quality Control Analysis
  • Socially Perceptiveness
  • Making Judgment and Decision 
  • Time Management
  • Information of machines and tools


This might not be a highly paid job, but it also doesn’t have any extensive requirement list either. Still, being an Abrasive Grader Helper, you can earn a standard amount of about $29,000 per year. This can vary from place to place. As a result, this amount bumps it up to about $2,400 per month.

The Rise of the Industry

This industry is rising at a rapid pace. The need for abrasive workers is higher than ever before. Finding a job in this field is also relatively easy. As the nations are building rich resources for their growth, the need for edging out priceless materials has risen to the top. Abrasive workers are experts who can perform this complex task with ease.


You can seek employment in any of the nearby abrasive organizations. You have to be extremely good at doing your job, and you will have a higher rate of employment. We will guide you about this, but keep in mind that finding your first job can be difficult for you at the start, as you have no prior training or experience with the role. It can also take a while to score your first position in the field. But, we recommend you to start with even the lowest possible field salary if you get the chance.

Now, you might ask: how can I bag my first opportunity? Here are the steps that you can try out to get your first designation in the field. Firstly, you can search for employment opportunities online. You can try job search platforms such as Indeed, Monster, and Jooble. Lastly, you can try out our advanced job searching engine, which will show you desired employment opportunities in your location.

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