What is the Job of an Aboriginal Education Teacher

Aboriginal Education Teacher

Definition of Aboriginal Education Teacher:

An Aboriginal education teacher is generally someone who teaches or supports the education issues of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars. An Aboriginal educator may teach any subjects, similar as mathematics, English, cotillion, or Aboriginal studies. They may help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars access educational resources. Aboriginal educators may also educate Aboriginal studies to non-Indigenous scholars. These professionals generally specialize in improving the learning issues of primary school, high school, or adult scholars

Aboriginal Education Teacher
Portrait Of Teacher In Class With Pupils

Responsibilities of aboriginal education Teachers:

An Aboriginal Education Teacher must be able to work with extreme efficiency. An employee in any field is required to exhibit specific characteristics that would make the working environment pleasant for him and the other workers around him. These characteristics are known as soft skills. Soft Skills at any workplace include things such as friendly behavior, being highly motivated, passion, attention to detail, and most of all, respect towards other co-workers.

However, the core responsibilities are also mandatory to be fulfilled, but any negligence in fulfilling these soft skills and obligations can also have a heavy impact on the job. However, some specific duties of an Aboriginal education teacher vary depending on their place of work and the pupil population. Some usual responsibilities of Aboriginal educators include:

  • Developing Assignment plans for Aboriginal studies and subjects for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars that meet class requirements 
  • Presenting targeted literacy opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars 
  • Giving assignments to scholars and encouraging classroom discussion 
  • Assessing scholars’ knowledge and progress through lessons and examinations 
  • Recording and reporting on scholars’ learning, improvement, and behavior with school reports and parent-school teacher interviews 
  • Disciplining scholars and encouraging good behavior 
  • Relating and addressing scholars’ challenges with individual literacy plans and support programs 
  • Engaging parents and school principals to support scholars demanding redundant help

Education & Training Required of aboriginal education Teachers:

Aboriginal education teachers have at least completed a bachelor’s degree in education. The Valuable degrees for Aboriginal educators are such as Bachelor of Education in Primary Aboriginal and Bachelor of Education in Secondary Aboriginal Studies. Some Aboriginal educators complete a standard Bachelor of Education and minor in Indigenous studies. 

However, one more option is completing a Bachelor of Education and obtaining a vocational qualification similar to Certificate III in Mentoring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People or Diploma of Aboriginal Studies for Professional and Community Development.

Certifications & skills required of aboriginal education Teachers:

The Aboriginal educators use the challenging experience to conduct knowledge and improve scholar learning issues. Their smooth experience helps them connect with the scholar population and affect change in education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars. Skills for Aboriginal educators are such as mentioned:

  • Cultural awareness and literacy
  • Creative problem solving 
  • Motivated leadership
  • Good relationships builder


The average pay for an educator is$79,000 per year. And the salary for one month is $7,000. More educated Aboriginal preceptors may earn an advanced income than people new to the profession. An Aboriginal educator’s employer can also impact their payment.

The Rise of Industry

The educational field has always welcomed anyone who is keen and passionate about helping others and sharing their knowledge with other young minds. You might think this career does not exist in your area. But, if you search online, there are a number of schools and institutions that are desperately looking for an aboriginal education teacher.


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