What is the Job of a Senior Physical Therapist?

Senior Physical Therapist.


Senior Physical Therapists are health professionals who take care of those bad muscle strains and leave you feeling refreshed and stronger.

Our muscles, physical movement and posture, are very important and deserve to be in proper shape. Physical Therapists are professionally trained to offer these.  Their career duties cover care for the muscles and physical movement and stability.

To know more about the job description of a Senior Physical Therapist, just keep reading.

Who is a Senior Physical Therapist?

A Senior Physical Therapist is a Health professional specifically trained to help patients get back their muscle health, posture, and physical balance. They consult patients and offer therapies such as massages and physical exercises. They also work closely with both in-patients and out-patients, to develop individualized treatment plans for everyone.

Senior Physical Therapists often oversee the duties of junior staff in the department. They teach, train, supervise and also partake in the duties themselves. Also, they can work in Hospitals, Clinics, or even go into private practice, as long as they are adequately licensed for that. 

Additionally, working as a Senior Physical Therapist requires certain skills and competencies. Some of them include physical stamina, strength, ability to work for long without getting tired, etc. They are usually graduates of physical therapy related areas. They also require a period of internship and appropriate licensure.

Responsibilities of a Senior Physical Therapist

Senior Physical Therapist

The major duties and responsibilities of Senior Physical Therapists  include but are not limited to:

  • Consulting patients to learn more about their conditions, causes, and medical history.
  • Assessing in-patient files to find out needed information.
  • Supervising the activities of junior staff.
  • Teaching and training younger staff and interns.
  • Providing massage therapies to improve patient healing.
  • Teaching and modeling patients on beneficial exercises to improve their healing.
  • Documenting and keeping records of every case handled.
  • Diagnosing patient problems by observing them move around.
  • Counsel patients before discharge and out-patients on beneficial home exercises and activities to avoid hastening to heal.

Qualifications for practice as a Senior Physical Therapist

To become qualified to practice as a Senior Physical Therapist in the United States, the following is necessary:

  • Firstly, a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy. 
  • Secondly, a one-year internship training program in an accredited health facility.
  • Thirdly, passing the National Examination for Physical Therapists.  
  • Fourthly, Obtaining an adequate license. of a licensed Dental Practitioner.
  • Furthermore, enrolling for a Master’s or Ph.D. in a specialized field, like Orthopedics.

Also, certain skills are very necessary for the position of a Physical Therapist or a Senior Physical Therapist. They include:

  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Empathy.
  • Compassion.
  • Ability to pay careful attention to details.
  • Good observation skills.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Ability to work for long hours.
  • Documentation skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Good time management.


A Senior Physical Therapist’s salary is dependent on the place of work; whether they engage in private practice, work for the Government, or both. Moreover, they are well-paid health professionals. In the United States, they earn around $1,673 per week, an average. 

Work Environment

Senior Physical Therapists usually work in Hospitals, Clinics, Health centers, and Nursing homes. They can also work privately in their Physiotherapy clinics.

Usually, they have offices for consulting patients and documentation. They also have halls where they teach and conduct exercises. Additionally, they have an area for massaging and observing patients.

In the Hospital setting, they work full hours, on a call basis, which is about 40 hours a week. 

Furthermore, as Senior health professionals, they may not work on weekends and public holidays.

Career Path

A career in this field usually begins with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. One usually starts work as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Also, with years of display of competence and improvement in educational qualification, promotion to higher levels come. These are the positions of the Physical Therapist and the Senior Physical Therapist.


Wrapping up, Senior Physical Therapists are health professionals whose duties revolve around helping patients get back good posture and movements. They work privately, in healthcare systems, or both.

Additionally, a period of internship and obtaining a license is a requirement for practice in the United States. 

In conclusion, the career offers the opportunity of helping patients smile more by making them feel healthier. It is also one that adds value to lives. If you have what it takes, considering this will be a noble step.

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