What is the job of a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designer


Graphic design work is a creative work with sharp subjective recognition. A graphic designer does advanced studies and improves design capabilities through continuous self-education.

For example, they usually pay more attention to the design techniques of various posters, promotional materials, magazines, books, etc., and collect them, or browse the works of other designers on the Internet to inspire their design inspiration.

A Graphic designer must have a keen sense of beauty but also have a certain quality of words

A Graphic designer uses the combination and arrangement of various visual elements to express his design concepts and images on the plane materials of the two-dimensional space.


  • Assist other departments to complete the design and aesthetics work smoothly.
  • Use, modify and also process digital photography.
  • Cooperate with the company’s marketing activities and promotional materials for other PC and MAC design files of the company
  • Establish specifications to maintain design implementation to high quality, reliability, and safety standards.
  • Determine and implement quality and safety standards following existing norms and the actual situation of the organization.
  • Communicate with the collaborating parties to ensure the quality of various plane projects and the grasp of time and successful acceptance.
  • Responsible for the execution and maintenance of design control
  • Continuously improve the design level to meet the requirements of the company’s growing development
  • According to the needs of the content, make the layout of the print media;
  • Complete the creative design of graphic publicity materials
  • Execute the VI design, development, and import of the company’s development projects
  • Complete the overall layout of exhibitions and activities, lighting and dance, and atmosphere simulation design
Graphic Designer

Education and Training

Most graphic designers do advanced studies and improve their design capabilities through continuous self-education.

A Graphics designer in the United States needs a bachelor’s degree in designing or arts.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 360 colleges, independent institutes, and Universities that are accredited: And they all offer programs in arts and design.

In addition, the coursework of these programs may include; commercial graphics production, principles of design, printing techniques, website design, studio art, and computerized design.

Also, graphic designers are likely to use online communities to exchange ideas.

These are all channels for participating in improving self-working skills and expanding exchanges within the circle.


Currently, formal graphic design projects can be classified into ten categories: web design, packaging design, DM advertising design, poster design, print media advertising design, POP advertising design, sample design, book design, publication design, UI design.

Graphic designers generally vary according to the nature of their work unit and working hours.

Most of the newspapers hire graphic designers with experience.

The average annual salary of a graphic designer is about $53,380.

However, the salary ranges from $31,720 to $93,440

Graphic designers for magazines and publishing houses have fixed working hours, except they may stay up all night before publishing.

The salaries of graphic designers in magazines and publications are slightly lower than those in newspapers.

Working hours are fixed but staying up all night before closing the case is inevitable.

Generally speaking, the executive advertisement or poster design is mostly more experienced and creative art design, and the salary is also higher.


  • Knowledge of the composition and graphic design techniques
  • Ability to use professional graphics software
  • Skills in layout and photo-editing activities
  • Creativity and artistic talent
  • Disposition to communication and also relationships
  • Ability to interpret customer requests
  • Spirit of collaboration
  • Organizational skills
  • Availability to constant update
  • Flexibility and resistance to stress

A graphic designer must know how to use professional graphics software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign (from the Adobe suite ), graphics and photo editing programs such as CorelDraw.

And also video-making programs as well as new technologies for 3D graphics.

On the other hand, the skill in manual drawing is no longer an essential requirement to become a graphic designer: however, it is necessary to have a mastery of quick drawing techniques, to carry out the sketches which constitute the basis of the design concept.

Graphic Designer


A graphic designer can specialize in different fields or sectors and become for example:

Advertising graphic designer, dedicated to the implementation of graphic projects for advertising campaigns and marketing and also communication activities

Layout graphic designer or editorial graphic designer, specializing in the graphic design and layout of books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers

Graphic designer illustrator, specializing in hand and computer drawing techniques for the production of illustrations for editorial products.

3D graphic designer or 3D artist, a recent and highly innovative role, expert in digital technologies for 3D graphics

Web designer, the graphic designer for the Web who deals with the design of visual elements intended for the Web (websites, Web pages, blog template, app)

Motion designer, the expert in creating dynamic content and 2D and 3D animations for multimedia products (video games, films, etc.)

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