What is the job of a Glazier?



The trade of glazier is part of the construction sector. According to professionals in the trade, glaziers are fewer victims of accidents at work than other craftsmen. This is, however, arguable.

A glazier is a person who specializes in cutting and installing glass in buildings ranging from single-family homes to large commercial office buildings.

This is considered a skilled occupation. And they can charge a high fee for their services, especially when they involve specialty glass or work at heights.


  • Assembling or manufacturing profiles for glazing (wood, plastic, metal).
  • Measuring of glass
  • Cut glass blanks of a specific shape and size from sheets.
  • Responsible for installing stained glass windows
  • Installation of fences made of glass blocks and glass profiles
  • He can also lead teams of glaziers in the construction, repair, and reconstruction of structures and buildings.
  • He also fixes stained glass
  • Installs skylights and integrated mirrors
  • Responsible for installing sliding doors
  • A glazier is also specialized in the installation and maintenance of locks, hinges, and handles.
  • He can also install glass in new windows, showers, cabinets, etc., or replace damaged glass.

Many modern homes are built with standard window sizes to eliminate the need for a glass cover, as they can be mass-produced and pre-framed. Older homes may require a glazier to cut glass for unusual windows.

While special jobs, such as installing stained glass windows, also require a glass cover. In larger structures, such as office buildings, a glazier is often required during the construction phase. It is necessary to ensure that the building has adequate support for the large windows. In this case, the glass installer helps create the frames for his windows and then installs them.

This can involve using very large glass panels at great heights, which requires confidence and physical strength.

Education and Training

The minimum requirement for glaziers is a high school diploma. The skills of a glazier are learned on the job.
Most people become glaziers by apprenticing with experienced glaziers.

They can start by doing the main work around the workshop.

To get used to and familiarize themselves with glass, they will slowly be allowed to cut the glass and then travel to the job site to install the glass.

The training to become a glazier can be extensive. Because the apprentice will learn about the different types of glass, structural support in buildings, and other issues to consider when installing windows and glazing.


The average annual salary for glaziers is $46,080. This can range from $29,440 to $83,640 annually.

Work Environment

He often works in the field, except for cutting, which may require the use of machines in the workshop. He may also need to erect scaffolding. This professional sometimes works alone and often in a team.

Depending on the type of work a glazier does, the job can be dangerous or relatively safe. Glazers working on large, tall projects have the potential to fall or be injured due to improperly secured glass.

On small projects, glaziers can still be injured by broken glass or sharp instruments of the trade. A glazier working for a store may receive vast health insurance to protect the store’s investment.

The cutting process is done on the table, less often it is done on workbenches. The table surface must be exceptionally flat. If there are defects on it, this can cause the glass to break.

Job opportunities

He can work for companies or as a self-employed person.
In general, he can find work in;

  • Glass shops
  • Furniture factories
  • Firms for the production of finished interior doors and mirrors
  • Firms for the repair of apartments and offices.

There are also glass factories. However, there the profession of a glazier may have slightly different specificity.


If the construction trades require precision, the glazier needs to be very precise.

You must also be in good physical condition and have perfect visual acuity.

The glazier must be skillful and ingenious because he will often find solutions.


  • The glazier must understand the main types and properties of materials
  • He should also be familiar with cutting and inserting thin window panes
  • The glazier must understand sealants – their types and also properties
  • Know how to use the template table, which is used for cutting glass
  • He must also be able to remove and hang blinds and folding covers


  • Special visual acuity
  • Outstanding motor coordination.
  • Good hearing is significant.
  • Developed linear and planar eye

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