What is the Job of a Dog Walker?

What is a Dog Walker?

Would you prefer working outside and being able to get fresh air? Or love the idea to be able to work with cute, fuzzy, and smooth dogs? If so! The job of being a dog walker would be the best-fit job for individuals like you who want to be independent and love animals. Dog walkers are individuals who offer their services by helping their clients to exercise their dogs. Dog walkers visit the homes of their clients to take their dogs out for their daily exercise. Walking dogs are mandatory to keep dogs healthy and happy. Many owners don’t have the time to walk their pets due to work and their other responsibilities. That’s where the dog walk walker comes in. The dog walker helps to satisfy the needs of their client’s pets.

What do Dog Walkers do?

A dog walker picks up the pet from the owner’s home and takes it out for its daily walk. The dog walker then returns the animal back to the home in a safe manner. Many dog walkers keep a daily schedule. Some might even include the benefits of grooming services or pet sitting.

Dog Walker Job Responsibilities and Duties

Walk dogs in various weather conditions

Plan walking routes

Dispose of dog waste

Observe dog behaviors

Safely transport dogs to and from homes

Report any concerns

Provide regular updates to clients

Take dogs to the vet in case of emergencies

Education, Training, and Certification

Education: N/a

Training: Written and in-person tests to prove that you have the knowledge and skills to handle and walk dogs in different situations.

Certification:(PSI) Pet Sitters International or (NAPPS) National Association of Pet Sitters and other certifications if you offer dog training, grooming, etc.


Attention to detail







Quick Reflexes

Physical Stamina




According to Glassdoor, a Dog Walker’s estimated pay would be $44,319 per year in the United States. The estimated base pay is $28,582 per year and the estimated additional pay would be $15,737 per year. Additional pay includes cash bonuses, commission, tips, etc.

The highest salary is $26 per hour

The lowest Salary is $10 per hour

What should a Dog Walker bring during walks?

Poop Bags – To dispose of dogs waste.

First aid kit – In case something small happens to the dog.

Fanny Pack – To carry treats, bags, keys, extra items, etc.

Leashes – To walk your dogs around, and having a backup is always better than having none.

Water – Dogs may get thirsty.

Treats – Good for encouraging the good behavior of pets.

Dog wipes – Able to clean the dog in case it gets a little dirty.

Cell phone with emergency contacts – So you are able to call for help for you or the dogs.

Hand wipes and tissues – After you clean up the dog’s waste you will need this to keep clean.

Flashlight – To keep you and the dogs safe from cars.

Collapsible bowl – So dogs are able to drink the water.

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