What is the job of a Director of Marketing?

The director of marketing is the person who is accountable for all kinds of marketing of a company. The role of marketing director is significantly rising, especially due to high competition. Certainly, attracting new customers through market campaigns and strategies is one of the primary roles of a marketing director.

Qualification required

The minimum academic requirement of a marketing director is an MBA degree or a master’s in marketing. In addition to this, at least 10 years of experience is necessary. A marketing director should have content management and creation skills. Especially when social media has become one of the significant platforms for marketing. Varied kinds of duties fall on the shoulder of a marketing director. Therefore, a marketing director should be experienced in SEO, should have a customer-focused attitude, and should be a multi-tasker.

Responsibilities of a marketing director

  • Budget making: Making annual and monthly budget for the marketing team is one of the significant responsibility of a marketing director.
  • Executing plans: From planning campaigns to implementing marketing strategies, the marketing director is responsible for all kinds of duties.
  • Communicating and collaborating: Communicating plans and reports with other departments is crucial. Moreover, organizing meetings to communicate with the required collaborators.
  • Keeping up with new marketing techniques and technology.
  • Making annual reports to show to the higher authorities.
  • Studying the required data to understand the market trends.
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The marketing director helps to increase customers.

Additional skills required

Various skills are required to become a marketing director, comprising:

  • Good communication skills: In addition to good qualifications, one of the most fundamental requirements for becoming a marketing director is communication skills. A good marketing director can express their ideas to their team and generate good outcomes. Apart from this, sharing ideas and future marketing plans with executives requires good marketing skills.
  • Good with technology: The majority of the customer base for all kinds of sectors is a frequent user of technology, therefore, marketing directors should be technology-friendly. Launching online campaigns and doing online surveys is crucial to understanding the demand of customers.
  • Proficient in making budget: One of the many duties of a marketing director is to make a budget for the marketing campaigns and for the department as a whole. Consequently, the director of marketing should have skills to develop budget and financial plans.
  • Project management skills: One of the most crucial skills required is project management skills, to complete the campaigns successfully. Apart from this, they must be able to organize a timely plan for projects.
  • Customer oriented: The end goal of a marketing director is to increase the customer base. Therefore, the director of marketing should be customer-focused and good with people.

Expected pay of a marketing director

The major factors which contribute to determining the pay of a marketing director are:

  1. The company the person is working for.
  2. About of experience he has in the specialized field.

Therefore, the pay of a marketing director could be any amount from $134,400 to $201,000 annually.

Employers of marketing director

These days, every entity requires a marketing director, because of the high rise in competition in every field. To outshine other competitors and increase the customer base, marketing directors play a significant role. Therefore, from major brands like Nike, Gucci and LV, to small start-up businesses, every organization requires a marketing director.

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