What is the job of a Corporate Counsel?

Corporate Counsel


A Corporate Counsel is a professional Lawyer who commits to a particular company or business. He or she oversees everything related to legal matters concerning that firm. The position is highly sensitive that the person does nottake up any other job. He or she works for the company alone.

They check out budgets, contracts, policies, and other areas to ensure that they are legally safe. In addition, they also ensure that the employer and company at large are legally secure.

Also, these attorneys are usually part of recruitment interview processes and policymaking. In the same way, they also check proposal writing and other aspects of the company that require strict legal guidance. Importantly, if they do their duties well, they can protect the company from huge mistakes and losses. 

These professionals mist be exceptionally good in business laws, have a good understanding of the company they work for. Also, they are to be proficient in communication, negotiation, and research among other skills.

Furthermore, as professionals who are to work with just one company, they are well-paid staff, especially in the United States. They are equally graduates of Law with a Juris Doctorate  Likewise, experience in business regulatory positions is important to gain employment in this position.

Let’s learn more about their duties.

Responsibilities of a Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counsel

The duties and responsibilities of these Corporate Counsels include the following:

  • Planning policies for the company that will help business growth.
  • Being part of recruitment interviews for new staff, to ensure that only those that are legally free again employment.
  • Representing employees and company owners in courts when such need arises.
  • Preparing and presentation reports.
  • Overseeing contracts and business documents also, to ensure they are legally secure.
  • Providing legal advice to managers and Chief Executive Officers.
  • Taking up a private investigation on any suspected staff in the company.
  • Organizing and taking up lectures periodically.
  • Providing negotiations on company contracts.
  • Carefully organizing and resolving any legal issues observed.

Qualifications for practice as a Corporate Counsel

As stated earlier, the position of Corporate Counsel of any company deserves a well-qualified staff because of the sensitivity of the office.

Some of these qualifications are as follows. He or she is to:

  • Firstly, obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Law, with a focus in Business Law.
  • Secondly, attend Law School.
  • Thirdly, obtain a Juris Doctorate (J.D).
  • Next, gain admission into the American Bar Association.
  • Finally, obtain an adequate License.

Other relevant and needed skills include:

  • Vast knowledge in Law especially business laws.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Good negotiating skills.
  • High level of self-confidence.
  • Research skills.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Analytic skills.
  • Ability to pay careful attention to details.
  • Interpersonal relations.
  • Knowledge of computers and software.
  • Team spirit.


Corporate Counsels are one of the professionals that are earn well, especially in the United States. Their job description requires total commitment, hence it is very rewarding. On average, they earn about $160,000 every year. As expected, this figure can be higher depending on the size of the firm, the market, the experience and also, the qualification of the staff.

Work Environment

Most Corporate Counsels work in office settings. They have computer systems and well comfortable office. They work for 40 hours a week or more. Also, their job description requires making appearances in court if the need arises, to defend their company. As attorneys, they are to dress corporately when at work and be welcoming at all times.

Career Path

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 9% increase in career growth between 2020 and 2030. At the moment, a Juris Doctorate is the minimum requirement for practice. Also, the staff must have had exposure to business administration or laws in underage or Law school programs.


The position of a Corporate Counsel in businesses will continue to remain relevant. Corporate firms need legal guidance to avoid getting into trouble. They also need them to easily get out of trouble, peradventure they fall. Moreover, having these professionals as part of the companion employees will boost productivity, brand image, and growth.

Furthermore, for upcoming lawyers, a specialist in this aspect of the law is a noble choice. It provides an opportunity to be fully useful to a business firm. It also provides a long-term job opportunity.  Importantly, it helps one add value to more than one person at the same time.

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