What is the job of a Construction Manager?

Construction manager


Managers are typically in charge of overseeing the departments they head. A construction manager falls into this category of personnel. He or she heads the construction department of a company or industry. They are in charge of planning and also overseeing constructions from the start to finish.

Construction management is a necessary and important position in any construction firm. It also helps bring about orderliness. A good Manager will be given to helping the company move forward in his or her capacity. 

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Who is a Construction Manager?

A Construction Manager is a professional who is in charge of constructing projects of a firm. He or she heads a team of construction workers, ensuring that they all work well for the success of the project.

They oversee everything from planning to budgets, equipment, tools, and also machinery. They ensure that a project is completed within the time frame assigned and within the budget agreed. Also, construction managers have heads who they report, they must take their duties very seriously. They ensure that all team members are up and doing.

Furthermore, these professionals must be very knowledgeable in construction. They must also possess strong leadership and analytical skills to succeed in the office. Hence, it is a position for only those who are qualified. These professionals are also referred to as Construction Commercial Managers, General contractors, among others.

Additionally, Construction Managers do not only work with their team, they also work with other building professionals. These include Architects and Building Engineers. Also, they are required y work full time. They can also work on weekends if there is so much work to be done. 

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager

  • Brainstorming on construction projects to determine the budget, needs, and other necessities.
  • Drawing out a plan after in-depth research and consultation with other concerned professionals.
  • Ensuring that budget is within the company’s financial capacity and in line with goals and also the ultimate vision.
  • Ensuring that tools, equipment, and other machines are of good quality and well functioning.
  • Planning, supervising, and also overseeing projects from start to finish.
  • Ensuring that team members are working hard every day.
  • Ensuring that team members work together in one spirit.
  • Building and maintaining cordial and beneficial relationships with third parties.
  • Working together with other construction professionals like the Architects.
  • Writing reports and presenting them in board meetings.
  • Teaching and training younger staff.
Construction manager

Qualifications for practice as a Construction Manager.

To practice as a Construction Manager in the United States, the following are necessary:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from an accredited Higher Institution. One in a related field can also fit.
  • A Master’s degree can boost employment or promotion.
  • Working experience in the construction field.

Other skills that are necessary include:

  • Leadership skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Expertise in the use of construction equipment and machinery.
  • Knowledge of the processes involved in construction and also construction management.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Documentation skills.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Problem-solving skills, among others.


In the United States, Construction Managers are one of the top-earning employees. They earn an average yearly salary of around $85,000 to $132,000.

The exact figure depends on the sector he or she works in and his or her educational qualification and work experience.

Work Environment

A construction manager typically works at construction sites. They are required to wear protective clothing such as overalls, helmets, and goggles. Depending on the setting, they can have their unique office in the company where proper documentation is done. Working together with Engineers, and other construction/building workers is a must.

Their job also entails doing a market survey to get the best quality equipment at the best prices.

Additionally, they work full time, up to 40 hours a week or more.


A Construction Manager is very important for the smooth running of any construction firm. A good hand in charge of planning and also execution of projects is always a plus. This is also a more reason why it must be commercial field staff occupying the position. 

Construction Management offers the “grow at the job” experience. This employee must be willing to learn from mistakes and be open to learning as they go about their duties. For anyone with an interest in construction, this position should be a career goal.

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