What is the job of a computer science professor?

Computer science professor

A computer science professor is a person who works in a college or a university and avails the students with theoretical and practical knowledge about computers and working of computer systems. In the upcoming paragraphs I would be talking about the following, in context of the job of a Computer Science professor:

  • Duties and responsibilities which are expected to be performed.
  • Qualification required to be able to secure a job in the mentioned field.
  • Skills needed to be proficient in this field.
  • Average base salary of a computer science professor.
  • Career growth opportunities available in this field.

Duties and Responsibilities:

There are multiple duties and responsibilities of a computer science professor which includes:

  • Teaching and giving lectures in the disciple area of computers and computer sciences.
  • Forming and following curriculum plan to work in an organized and well paced way.
  • Maintaining class based records (attendance, marks, etc.)
  • Rendering students with academic counselling to help them understand the essence of the subject and provide them with knowledge about career growth in the mentioned field.
  • Working with professors of different departments to organize co-curriculum activities when required.
  • Moreover, helping the institution maintain discipline and decorum for the better functioning.
  • Attending faculty meetings.
Computer science professor

Qualification required to be able to secure a job :

The minimum academic qualification required, includes:

  1. Bachelors degree in Computer Science.
  2. Preferably Masters degree in the related subject (Certainly, choosing the right major is very crucial).
  3. Certainly, to get a job in a renowned and big institution one should have prior work experience in the related field.

Skills and traits needed to be proficient in this field:

There are number of skills which are required to be a successful computer science professor, comprising:


  • Communication Skills: To be able to teach the students easily and effectively without any kind of communication barrier, it is important to have good communication skills. Further more, having good communication skills is crucial to have an imprint in the mind of learners.
  • Efficient writing skills: For making easy to read notes and for doing the required paper work in an efficient way, having strong writing skill is mandatory.
  • Superior presentation skills: Certainly, to give impressive and easy to understand lectures having good presentation skills is must. Moreover, it not only makes it easy for the students to understand, it also makes learning interesting.
  • Adaptability to different kinds of teaching style: Every institution follows a different approach and teaching style to deliver lectures! Therefore, a Computer Science professor should have the adaptability skills to be able to follow the required teaching techniques.
  • Problem solving skills: To clear the doubts of the students and help them during the time of confusion or poor understanding, having problem solving skills is must.
  • Time- management skills: For completing the curriculum on timely basis and to make the best use of ones own and others time, having good time-management skills is crucial.


  • Discipline: It is very important to have discipline! As the job of a professor is a serious job with numerous responsibilities.
  • Ability to work with people: It is very important to have the skill of working in a group. Especially when working in an institution where organizing co-curriculum activities and attending meetings is part of the job.
  • Keen listener: For being able to understand the doubts and queries of the students, having good listening skills is crucial.
  • Good pace of learning: With the improvement in technology on daily basis, having good pace of learning is must! Especially for having the updated and latest information.

Average base salary of a computer science professor:

The salary of a computer science professor may vary because of multiple factors, which includes:

  • Qualification: The academic and overall qualification can became a factor to determine the salary base of a computer science professor.
  • Institution one is working for: The other major factor which affects the salary of a professor is, the institution for which one is working for. Few employers are ready to pay more than the others, therefore this is an other major factor.
  • Area one is working in: The location where one is working in, can drastically affect the salary of a professor.

The average salary of a computer science professor is around ” $56,500 “. Whereas the base salary is $54,408. Further more, the salary of a computer science professor may go as high as, $125,591. The major reason for such a huge difference in salary packages is, the above mentioned factors.

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