What is the Job of a Commercial Real Estate Agent?

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Hiring a commercial real estate agent can help you sell or buy a home quicker and easier. Well, if you want to sell and buy a home on your own, trust me it may be a quite tricky job as you are not familiar with the latest real estate trends and prices. So, Real estate agents can offer professional help. And there are a few important things that you need to do before hiring a real estate agent.  Well, look no further, we have done all research and shared a list of important things that you need to do before hiring a real estate agent.

Price the Home Right

The most important factor to sell your home is pricing. It is imperative to know and understand today’s buyers. Keep in mind that if the home is overpriced, buyers are more likely to avoid looking at it. You can check comparable home values to find the real value of your home. Well, don’t forget to consider your home’s condition while determining its real value.

Determine What You Have Left To Pay on Your Home

Before hiring a real estate agent, it is important to collect all your loan documents and check how much you have paid on your home and what is left to pay on your home.

Before hiring a real estate agent, it is important to know about issues that are tied to your home. Pre-inspection helps a real estate agent to know about property disputes so that they can tackle with them. These issues may include disputes with contractors, tax-related problems, or disputes with neighbors related to property lines.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

When it comes to selling your home, you need to clean your home inside and outside. It is important to focus on giving a real estate agent a clear picture of your home. As we all know first impression is the key, you must clean your home thoroughly to convince your real estate agent to market it for a higher value.

Consider Home Improvement

No doubt, it’s great to make home improvements before hiring a real estate agent. It will help your real estate agent to price your home right. Repairing, replacing, and remodeling rooms of your home will reinforce your care for the home.


Preparing your home for an open space before hiring a real estate agent will allow him/her to market your home well. Make sure that you remove personal effects i.e. friends and family pictures. It is also advisable to remove excess furniture to make an open space for your home.

Mention Your Daily Schedule of Availability

Highlighting your daily schedule will help the real estate agent recommend the right time to show your home to potential buyers. It’s best to be ready at all times to present your home to sell it more quickly and conveniently.

Responsibilities of A Commercial Real Estate Agent

  • Managing cold calls to business owners and managers
  • Providing tenants and landlords with essential information
  • Supporting attorneys in preparing real estate contracts
  • Using statistical analysis techniques
  • Getting knowledge of market conditions and property values
  • Researching property maintenance costs and renovations
  • Enlisting correspondence to potential clients
  • Managing local business community and charitable events
  • Maintaining accurate information in the company database

Commercial Real Estate Agent Requirements

  • Capability to receive valid State Real Estate License
  • Solid sales and negotiation skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Robust work ethic
  • Great knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Capability to work independently
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of creating value with clients
  • Understanding clients’ needs and delivering solutions
  • Knowing the value of accountability with staff
  • Learning the finances of a business Self-motivation

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