What is the job of a Airline Pilot

Commercial Pilot

The job of an airplane pilot is a respectable and a high paid job, which requires intense knowledge in the field of aviation and aeronautic sciences. With the increase in globalization, the demand of air transport services have increased leading to a drastic change in the demand of pilots. In the coming future, the career scope and job opportunities is expected to rise, even more . In the upcoming paragraphs, I would be talking about the following, with respect to the job of an airline pilot,:

  • Definition of airline pilot
  • Area of study
  • Basic qualification required
  • Skills needed
  • Average Salary
  • Employers of airline pilot.

Definition of airline pilot:

The basic definition of an airline pilot is, a person who flies either passengers or cargo planes, for any of the following purpose:

  • Leisure
  • Business
  • or job purpose.

The trip could be a long trip or a short trip, and the pilot may be flying within the nation or internationally, depending upon the company one is working for and the amount of experience he has.

In other words, a person who flies plane as a profession, for a commercial airline is called airline pilot. The job of a airline pilot, is a job with numerous responsibilities! For being successful in this field, one requires great dedication and commitment. level.

Area of study:

  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Technical aspects of aircraft (aerodynamics, working of system, regulation, etc).
  • Moreover, study of aviation

The airline pilot has a great responsibility on his shoulders of making the flying experience safe and comfortable for the passengers! Therefore, intense knowledge about the working and functioning of the airplane is crucial. In addition to this, knowledge about the wind speed, weather effect on the plane, other technical aspects, is must.

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Qualification required:

The following is the basic requirement to become an airline pilot:

  • Preferably having math, physics and English during high school.
  • Completing examination of:
    • Air navigation
    • Air regulation
    • Meteorology
    • Radio telephone
    • And other technical papers.
  • Completing the required number of flying hours (Varies according to country- to- country)
  • Getting CPL (Commercial Pilot License)
  • Qualifying in Class 1 medical and than attempting Class 2 medical test.
  • After completing all the above, giving examination of the “Technical Specific”. Technical Specific is the exam which one gives for the specific plane which one will be flying during his job.

Skills Needed:

There are multiple skills which an airline pilot must have, to be successful in his area of work, comprising:

  • Good communication skills: To communicate data to the co-pilot and airline traffic management, good verbal skills are crucial. Moreover, an airline pilot represents the airline therefore, he should have good communication skills.
  • Decision making skills: An airline pilot, especially the captain should have excellent decision making skills! During the time of an unexpected technical fault or weather issue, the decision of the captain is considered the end and final decision, therefore having this skill to make important decisions is important.
  • Ability to understand complex technical information: Certainly, performing calculations and understanding the technical working of the airplane is an important job role of a pilot. Hence, having the skill of understanding technical information, is important.
  • Varied personality traits: Having disciple, commitment to work and confidence to present himself as a strong minded and health person.
  • Ability to give command: During the time of emergencies, the skill to give the right command to the crew members and the passengers, to reduce risk and improve safety.

Average Salary:

The average annual pay of an airline pilot may differ, depending upon various factors, comprising:

  1. Airline one is working for: Small companies and companies which are on its initial stage, often pay less than the larger airlines.
  2. Years of experience: The amount of experience one has in flying, can be a major factor to determine the pay of a pilot. The greater amount of experience one has, higher is the pay.
  3. The salary package of the captain is certainly more than that of a co-pilot:

The average salary of a airline pilot is approximately,  $180,000 and the highest pay is of the captain, the pay ranges from $234,000 to $269,000 per year.

Employers of airline pilot:

The employers of airline pilot includes, multiple commercial airlines (national airlines and international airlines), charter airlines and freight airlines. The demand for airline pilot is expected to incline rapidly, and it is expected that in the near future the demand for airline pilot is going to be far more than the available supply. Therefore, investing time and money to pursue career in this field, is a great decision.

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