What is the Job of Pressman on Web Press?


A Web Pressman or Pressman on Web Press is the title of a person who performs printing duties online on any given website. They are responsible for managing the online website and publishing. This is the same as publishing something in a newspaper. However, pressmen have to perform much more complex duties. To fully understand their responsibilities and abilities in the field, read on.

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A Pressman on Web Press must be able to work with extreme efficiency. An employee in any field is required to exhibit specific characteristics that would make the working environment pleasant for him and the other workers around him. We know these characteristics as soft skills. Soft skills include things such as friendly behavior, being highly motivated, being passionate, having sharp attention to detail, and respect towards other co-workers. 

However, the core responsibilities are also mandatory to be fulfilled, but any negligence in fulfilling these soft skills and obligations can also have a heavy impact on the job. Like traditional pressmen, a pressman on web press also has several duties. The only difference between a conventional pressman and a web pressman is that a web pressman operates online in the digital world. Other responsibilities include tasks such as:

  1. Collecting information about the news he is going to post.
  2. Putting together all the information they got and analyzing the valid data that is regarding the topic.
  3. It is essential to maintain an excellent digital presence, so web pressmen have to identify ways to catch up with more traffic and viewers.
  4. Writing and rewriting a complete article about the given topic.
  5. Creating enticing, authentic, and fantastic content for posting.
  6. After that, they have to post the content to the website they are managing.
  7. In most locations, a web pressman is often required to monitor the statistics of the posted articles. This is done to figure out areas of improvement.

There are many other duties alongside the job of a web pressman. But most of the common ones are mentioned above.

Education and Training

Becoming a Pressman on Web Press is a more straightforward path than most. You need a few academic qualifications and certificates, such as:

  • High School Diploma from any standard institution.
  • Hands-on training experience in Graphic Designing and Web management.
  • Certified Training in Printing Management.

These are the only requirements that are needed before looking for a pressman job. Let’s check out what other certificates and skills you need to be a Pressman on Web Press.

License & Certificate

While working with the press and online world, you would require a person who can satisfy both needs. Web pressmen have to have considerable skills & certificates, such as:

  • Diploma in Web Management.
  • Basics of the Internet.
  • Certificate in SEO.
  • Diploma in Graphic Design and Content Creation.
  • Certified Training in Printing Management.

These certificates or skills will surely help you in landing your dream job very quickly.


The average salary of a web pressman is slightly higher than that of a traditional pressman. This is because a web pressman requires a high skill set and much more qualifications than a standard conventional pressman. The digital aspect sometimes helps to earn much more than that of any other person in the field. What’s more, the average annual salary of a web pressman is about $52,000.

The Rise of the Industry

The scope of web pressmen has risen in recent years. As soon as the internet and other digital means completely take over the traditional paper press, the job of conventional pressmen will completely vanish. But it is unlikely that will happen for a while.


Gaining employment in this field won’t be as challenging. However, there is not much demand for Web Pressman these days. As mentioned earlier, technology has taken over this industry. But with the right education and skills, you can get your foot in the door and eventually excel in the field, where competition isn’t as rife. In order to do that, we recommend you start with the lowest possible field salary and work your way up.

This includes looking at relevant positions on a designated job search portal, such as Linkedin. Secondly, you can try the more traditional sites such as Indeed, Jooble, and Monster. Lastly, you can try our trusted website for available vacancies.

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