What is the Job of an Analytics Manager?


An Analytics Manager is a person who spends their time creating and running complex tools and techniques that allow data to be transformed into visual analytics. These visual infographics are used for better decision-making and strategic planning on all parts of the business.

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An analytics manager must be able to work with extreme efficiency. An employee in any field must exhibit specific characteristics that would make the working environment pleasant for themselves and their colleagues. These characteristics are known as soft skills. Soft skills at any workplace include things such as friendly behavior, being highly motivated, a strong passion for their role, extreme attention to detail, and most of all, respect towards other co-workers. 

However, the core responsibilities are also mandatory to be fulfilled, but any negligence in fulfilling these soft skills and obligations can also significantly impact the job. There are multiple things that an analytics manager must be capable of performing, but there are a few essential ones. An analytics manager must be able to carry out duties such as:

  • Serve as a leader in different projects. Using modern techniques to find improvement opportunities.
  • Use expert eyes and thinking capabilities to create data visualization models.
  • Convert Raw data into valuable and understandable information to make decisions.
  • Recruit, train, develop and supervise analyst-level employees.
  • Observe, interpret and report results of analytical initiatives to stakeholders in leadership, technology, sales, marketing, and product teams.
  • Oversee the data/report requests process: tracking requests submitted prioritization, approval, etc.
  • Examine and Present the Analytics about business in visual forms to executives.
  • Set up quality standards to ensure efficiency in every regard. This would help every department in performing their jobs efficiently. 
  • Analyze the information developed by the raw data. This would help in making executive decisions to benefit the business.

Education & Training

Analytics managers typically are ready to start their career by studying computer science or other disciplines that develop relevant skills, statistics, or mathematics. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a major in Data Management is also a wise choice. They have to be able to train in specific computer program skills, such as Adobe. What’s more, statistical analysis software is also required, but knowledge of Excel is crucial for this career.

Certifications & Skills Required

An analytics manager requires certifications such as:

  • Five years of experience in data visualization. This could mean performing various tasks, such as collection, management, manipulation, and data visualization.
  • Three years of experience leading a team.
  • The right candidate will also be expert and experienced with the following tools/programs:
  • Strong programming skills in SLQ, SAS, etc., and solving effective queries in multiple tables.
  • Experience with big data tools, testing tools, data visualization tools, adobe analytics, and other analytic tools.
  • A good analytics manager has a combination of technical and personal skills, such as:
    • C, C++
    • JAVA
    • Programming languages
    • Experience in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


Analytics managers take home a median salary of $96,000. The national average wage in the United States for analytics managers is $121,000 per year. So, the analytics manager takes home around $10,000 per month.

The Rise of the Industry

Without the help of analytics managers, businesses can hardly survive on their own. Every firm needs to improve. An analytic manager’s job is to provide business insights to help determine the effect of improvement. So, as long as there are businesses and room for improvements. There will always be scope for analytic managers.


Do you want to become an Analytics Manager? Indeed, we can guide you on the right path in this field, but keep in mind that finding your first job can be difficult for you at the start, as you have no prior training or hands-on experience. It can also take a while to score your first position as an analytic manager until you gain the proper skills, knowledge, and certification.

But, we recommend you to start with even the lowest possible field salary if you get the chance. Now, you may wonder, where can you find such an opportunity? Here are the steps you can try to get your first designation in the field. Firstly, we would advise you to build a strong profile on LinkedIn. This could help you attract hiring people from all over the world. Secondly, you can check out job search searching platforms such as Indeed and Jooble. Lastly, you can check out our website for the best offers and job advertisements at any time. Click here to see the latest Analytic Manager jobs.

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