What Can You Do for Us? (Explained)


“What can you do for us?” is a common question that is likely to pop up in an interview. This question allows you to boast about your skillset and abilities accordingly. Reading the job description will highlight some factors that you can weave into your response, and the interviewer will be impressed that you’ve mentioned those key things.

How to Answer the “what can you do for us” Question

Focus on Yourself

Keeping the “What can you do for us?” question strictly about you is crucial. When doing so, make sure you don’t spiral into other things. Instead, mention your abilities and how they can positively affect the business.


What are your strongest aspirations? Other candidates before you may have the same skills, but it’s your job to express what you can bring to the company. It’s good practice to back up your skills and strengths with anecdotes as much as you can. Tell the interviewer the challenges, actions, and experiences you’ve faced to obtain these skills and abilities. Show them how you stand out from the rest.

Experience and qualifications

Telling the interviewer about your experiences and qualifications can get you ahead of the curve. When answering, maintain eye contact and let your confidence shine through. You can use these experiences to back up one of your strengths (mentioned above). Make sure to list two to four skills to focus on and think about what you went through to achieve them.

What can you do for us?

What can you do for us

What can you do for them? What makes you unique? When answering this question, you want to stand out from the rest. Saying something like “I’m great with people” won’t cut it. It’s probably the case that many people have said this before, so plan your answer accordingly and think about what truly makes you different.

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