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With the increase in expenses and eagerness to know more about adult life, students have started to do part-time jobs. And this is something which parents and the school should encourage and promote! Doing a job during your school or college life gives you a lot of experience. In today’s contemporary era, varied kinds of part-time jobs are available, promoting the enrichment of diversified skills. These help the student boost their confidence, communication skills, decision-making skills, etc. In this article, we discuss the basic entry-level jobs, which provide good basic earning and flexible working shifts.

1. Sales Associate

One of the most readily available jobs, with flexible working hours and suitable for student experience, is the job of a sales associate or a sales representative. This is one of the most basic entry-level jobs, which usually pays minimum wage per hour. But apart from the earnings, the experience of customer care and the skill of dealing with customers looks good on your resume for future job references. The easiest way to apply for this job is to give an in-person resume or apply for jobs via job-providing websites.

2. Food Server

Working at a restaurant or a café gives you another level of experience in working in a fast-paced environment and doing multi-tasking. We see several young people working at McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and more — all of which have job vacancies multiple times of the year! These jobs are simple to get and allow students to improve social skills, learn multi-tasking and earn a good penny. Some of the college campuses have on-campus jobs of food servers at the cafeterias; so working there is an easy and convenient option.

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3. Babysitter

Teenagers who like to spend quality time with kids can find this as an opportunity to have a good time and earn money. Due to busy working schedules, the demand for babysitters remains high. So connecting with people in your neighborhood or using job search websites to find such a job is quite an easy way to earn a good amount of money.

4. Tutor

The trend of learning regional languages is coming back. Therefore, if you are fluent in any language, you can tutor it and earn a good amount of money! This is also an efficient way to expand one’s knowledge. Apart from tutoring languages, one can tutor basic mathematics, economics, etc., to junior or secondary school students. With the advancement of technology and improvements in learning techniques, tutoring has become a perfect option for earning money.

There are unlimited opportunities out there beyond the bookish knowledge that a learning institution provides. By exploring these options, one gets an idea of working in the real-life professional world. Every student should at least try doing a part-time job. It presents a big scope to learn while you earn. It is also straightforward to transform any skill into a career in the tech-savvy era. Therefore, judicious use of time and energy can do wonders.

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