Important Things Every Job Seeker Must Know Before Hunting Jobs


It’s no secret that hunting for a job is a daunting task. And a job seeker, if prepared well, can find the hiring process hassle-free. If you’re a first-time job seeker, it is advisable to know a few things about job hunting. Let’s have a look at a few things every first-time job seeker must know.

Importance of social media
Social Media

Before applying for jobs online, it is advisable to complete your social media profiles. The majority of hiring managers will search for you on social media to learn more about you. Make sure that you have a strong presence on social media channels. It is advisable to use professional social media channels like LinkedIn to connect with others.

Get information about the company

As a first-time job seeker, it is important to create a compelling cover letter and resume and prepare for the interview questions. Make sure that you research the company thoroughly.

Include your internship or experience

As a first-time job seeker, you don’t have any experience with your skills. Make sure that you add information about your internship or volunteer work to get the job based on your skills and knowledge.

Focus on interview skills

If you’re going for the interview for the first time, don’t forget to prepare well. Lack of confidence is commonly seen among first-time job seekers. So, it is advisable to practice your interviewing skills.


Recent studies stated that the majority of jobs are filled online. So, consider taking guidance from professors. It will help you get your dream job at the right time.

As a first-time job seeker, focus more on preparing for the interview questions. Job searching websites will help you find the right job based on your education and skills. 

When it comes to job hunting, common mistakes can make you lose the opportunity of getting the right job. Job hunting is all about being careful. Be sure to update your resume properly! If done right, you’ll be more likely to get hired. And if done wrong, your job search will be more of a challenge. We have compiled a few common mistakes job seekers make during the job search.

Include irrelevant work experience

If your resume spills over two pages and includes details of irrelevant work experience. Be sure to highlight the relevant skills you have for the job.

Including typos

It is one of the biggest mistakes for many job seekers. Make sure that you check your resume for any grammar and spelling mistakes.

Too much information in your resume

Your resume must show the skills and services you can offer the employer. You should not include your complete work history in detail. Your resume can put make a great impression on the employer if updated effectively.

Skimming the job description

It is advisable to read the job description carefully and update your resume accordingly.

Take your eye off the competition

Make sure you stand out from other job seekers. Instantly falling in line with what the competition is doing will make you lose the chances of getting hired.

Not spending time preparing

You need to take all aspects of the job-hunting process and that means putting in some extra effort.

If you’re a job seeker looking for your dream job, make sure that you don’t make these common mistakes and make your dream come true by getting the right job based on your skills and experience. We have compiled a few common mistakes job seekers make during the job search.

Do’s of job hunting

Determine your goals

 It is important to understand your goals before hunting for a job online. Take time to evaluate your preferences and learn about the companies you are applying for.

Polish your application materials

Your resume and cover letter are the most important elements of your job hunt. Check your documents for errors and professionally communicate your skills and goals. Avoid using generic form letters when applying for positions. Always personalize your documents to show you’re well-prepared while searching for jobs online.

Don’ts of job hunting

Don’t miss networking opportunities

Many applicants consider networking as a social endeavor. Professional networking is too wide. Use professional networking channels to connect with employees working in your field. Focus on sharing your skills and qualifications!

Don’t show up unprepared

When you are going for a job interview, be prepared before greeting the employer. Take time to research the company’s product, mission, and goals.

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