Job Satisfaction!

Job satisfaction

The feeling of being self-motivated, content, and satisfied with one’s job is known as “job satisfaction.” Based on an employee’s job satisfaction, the parameters may vary according to one’s priorities and thinking.

But majorly, the 4 common factors determining job satisfaction are:

Job satisfaction

1. Job Stability

The fear that is there in an employee’s mind when they have no job security directly leads to job dissatisfaction. It is fundamental that if one is not sure that they will be able to keep up with the job, the level of contentment and dedication to work declines. Therefore, job stability is a crucial aspect of determining the employee’s level of job satisfaction. To motivate the employees, employers should provide job security to the eligible employees to give their best to the entity they are working in.

2. Fair compensation

The primary motivation to work is to get fair pay for your work. But when an employee feels they are not getting fair compensation, low job satisfaction occurs. Providing fair pay to the employees is an obligation of every employer! To ensure that all wage workers get their fair pay, governments implement mandatory “minimum wages” for every employer to follow. When an employee is unsatisfied because they are not paid fairly, they begin looking for alternatives that reduce their productivity.

3. Respect and recognition

The appreciation and respect an individual gets for the work they do is the greatest motivation of all! When an employee gives their best and is fully dedicated to their work but still doesn’t receive due respect or praise, it leads to low self-esteem and poor job satisfaction. Therefore, MNC’s these days have started the culture of having “employee of the month” and began giving commissions to employees to encourage them by recognizing their work and effort. Some people are not fully satisfied with the pay they get for their jobs, but they stick with the company they are working with due to the friendly and respectful environment.

4. Career growth

No person wants to be living in the same place, doing the same job at the same wage rate for years and years. Therefore, job growth is crucial for determining a person’s job satisfaction. Especially the young talent who seek better opportunities and growth in the coming future. When companies promise career growth opportunities, employees feel motivated to try harder and prove that they can grow. To maintain effective and efficient staff, career growth is something every company should provide to the eligible candidates.

These are the basic factors that influence an employee’s job satisfaction. But apart from this, elements like being able to maintain work-life balance and easy conveyance all play a role.

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