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“There is a great difference between living and surviving” — a saying that carries weight in all walks of life, but especially in the world of work. A person can easily survive with one passive job, but a side hustle is mandatory for living a quality life. There is always an opportunity to earn more, no matter your field.

All you need is a willingness to work and an idea of your options. In today’s tech-savvy era, there are endless jobs that allow you to work from home. Therefore, they can accommodate a person’s ability to handle multiple jobs easily. Below, we look at a few side jobs that are easily accessible and high in demand.

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Freelance Worker

Working comfortably in your own space and earning money by selling your skills is never a terrible option. The advancement of technology has led to multiple websites promoting freelance work. A freelancer is, essentially, their own boss — able to choose their clients and put in their own hours. Graphic designing, content writing, proofreading, social media managing, marketing, etc., are important skills for a freelancer. A freelancer’s salary varies depending on their field and the amount of experience they have.

Freelancing is quite popular among students and passive-wage workers who believe in having multiple sources of income. Few people freelance as a side job but find opportunities and end up becoming a full-time role. The limit of success and earning as a freelancer entirely depends on one’s own capabilities and dedication to work, but the good news is it’s available to everyone.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring subjects like basic English, mathematics, sciences, etc., is a perfect side hustle to broaden the horizon of knowledge and earn a pretty penny. An influx of people eager to pick up a new hobby, language, or skill during the pandemic presents even more opportunities. Therefore, tutoring regional languages like Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, etc., can earn you some fine cash. There are various websites that act as intermediaries between the tutors and the students. In addition, one can start their online tutoring sessions independently via Skype or other video conferencing applications. The per-hour wages could vary depending on one’s skill and level of certification.

Social Media Manager

Small online businesses are growing fast; therefore, the demand for social media managers is at its peak. People with good social media management skills can rein in this opportunity to promote their skills, earn money, and flex their creative muscles. As social media continues to grow and transcend generations, it’s become easier to scout out such jobs. Many are available on job portals and freelancing sites. Various certifications related to social media management are also on the web, which could improve one’s chance of flourishing in this field.

Social Media Influencer

Uploading short videos and interactive posts and engaging with the audience on a particular social media platform is one of the fastest-growing techniques to earn money. These days, people with good fashion sense, efficient culinary skills, dancing techniques, or daily bloggers make name, fame, and money through this! Grabbing this opportunity and working as an influencer — if you have the knack for it — could land you some exciting jobs that pay extremely well. Keep in mind that being a social media influencer doesn’t automatically guarantee success and earnings. This source of income is not as stable as the others on this list and depends on consistency, views, and engagement.

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Working as a Delivery Person

People who have their own means of transportation, such as a car, bicycle or motorbike, can use this opportunity to make some extra earnings. The popularity of food delivery services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash is set to rise further as we embrace a connected world. These brands continue to expand, meaning there is a wide range of jobs to choose from and enroll in. Students and people with low income will see the most benefits, as it requires more practical work. These days, delivery brands are allowing their workers to operate on flexible hours; meaning there are more times to experiment with outside of the typical 9-5.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of avenues to earn money — all you need is the readiness to work. With the acceleration of the side hustle culture, one can do multiple jobs with little physical exertion. In fact, many creatives have utilized social media platforms to launch their own businesses over the course of the pandemic. Aside from the jobs mentioned above, other jobs offer good money and are easy to manage. All in all, it’s worth recognizing your skills and transforming them into a secondary source of income.

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