How to Make a Video Job Application?

What is a Video Job Application?

A video job application is a short two-minute video that will accompany your job application. It’s a creative way to introduce yourself, describe what you can offer, and show your personality and enthusiasm for the role.

It can be daunting to step out of your comfort zone to record a video application, but with the right practice and planning, this can help to put you at the top of the employer’s list. Below, we outline 6 simple steps.

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How to Create a Video Job Application?

Plan Before Filming

Figure out your questions and answers, where you are going to film, and what you are going to wear. On the technical side, ensure you have a fully functioning camera and set out what editing software you are going to use. Plan thoroughly for every possibility before anything else.

Write a Script

Writing a script will prevent you from going off-course and help your peace of mind. You have two minutes to show the employer what you can bring to the table, so time matters here. The script should include things that are included in a regular paper application, such as your skills, abilities, experience and more. Start by introducing yourself and the reasons why you are the perfect fit for the role.


Practice makes perfect! Many people are camera shy, but with a little practice, you can become a natural. Using your script, memorize the key details, and practice different ways of saying them. Experiment with the words and find the right sentence that sounds most natural to you. Then practice some more until the words become second nature.

Test Your Video and Audio

It’s no good having the perfect script if your video is poor. Make sure you run through a practice clip to see if everything is in working order. Can you hear yourself clearly? Is the video blurry? These factors contribute to a bad video and could stop you from getting an interview.

Shoot your Video

You don’t need expensive tech to film your video. You can use your phone or even your computer. When filming, make sure you have the time and space to do it. Consider using headphones to enhance the quality of your voice. If you need to do multiple takes, then do so! The video should be to your liking, so record again and again until you’re satisfied.


Editing software like iMovie Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Movie Maker, etc are simple to use and effective for cutting out unnecessary pauses. There are also free software such as KineMaster on mobile and DaVinci Resolve for PC. You don’t have to know how to edit like a professional, but learning and knowing the basics will help. If you ever need assistance, YouTube has a variety of tutorials to guide you step by step.

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