How to Find a Part-Time Job?


No matter whether one is looking for a part-time job or a full-time job, it takes a good amount of research, alterations in resume, and great effort to get it. But a practical approach towards getting a good part-time job can make the process easier. There are varied kinds of part-time jobs available in the market. And to choose the right job, various factors should be considered, such as:

  1. Availability: Part-time jobs are flexible working arrangements in which a person works for less than full time. Therefore, the availability a worker is ready to give might not be full-time availability. Maybe a person is available during the morning or only for night shifts, or possibly only for weekends. You need to consider your hours before choosing a part-time job, otherwise getting a job that matches your availability will be tough. For example, if you are applying for a sales associate job and only have nighttime availability ranging from 10pm to 10am, there are very few chances you will get a job. But if apply for a warehouse or a security job with this availability, the chances of you getting the job are higher.
  2. Location: In the excitement of getting a side job to surplus your income, don’t forget to consider the location of the job. If it is not near your area of residence, commuting might be a struggle. This would drain your energy, time, and money. So, try applying to places where you can easily commute.
  3. Type of job: If you are looking to work part-time at a grocery store, no investment in terms of time or money is required. However, if you want to be a part-time tutor or fork lifter, certification and knowledge is absolutely necessary. Therefore, this factor should considered before applying for a part-time job.

Steps to find a part time job

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Build a good resume

Write down your work experience, volunteer experiences, education, skills, and contact details, and build a good resume.

Apply for jobs on “job providing websites” and give door to door resumes

Make the best use of job-providing websites and search for jobs! Ranging from jobs of interest to jobs that have good vacancies. There is no loss in doing research about the job opportunities around you. Read the description of the job and qualification needed, and if it matches your demand, circle them out.

Alter your resume

Make amendments to your resume according to the job description and skills required. Just adding the keywords in your resume that appeared in the job description could increase the chances of you getting the job. For example, if you are applying for a receptionist position, mentioning your good communication skills and ability to organize and arrange important information would be a bonus.

Apply to as many jobs as possible

There is no harm in applying to multiple jobs — in fact, that’s the whole point! Giving yourself the opportunity to have backup options and varied jobs to choose from is the quickest way to secure a role.

Following a systematic and practical approach when applying for jobs can make the process a lot smoother. With the increase in the number of job seekers and low job availability, competition is high. So, there is no harm in updating your resume from time to time to land a suitable role. All these basic yet crucial elements can affect your job application significantly. Giving references to your past job contacts can boost your job profile, and any little details that you can improve on will make all the difference.

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