Job interview Dress Code

Job interview

Are you going for a job interview and are not sure what to wear? It’s natural to want to make a good first impression. And depending on your prospective role, you want to dress accordingly. But not to worry. Today, we look at the ideal outfit choices for job interviews.

Job Interviews for Women

Ladies Job Interview

Classic business style

Ladies should prepare a pair of classic black casual pants in the wardrobe when getting ready for a job interview. You can take a professional style and match it with a button-down collar casual shirt. As long as more creative thinking, black casual pants do not look monotonous. Pair it with a gray linen top and add some winding elements to the hem to make the match look special. Appropriate high-heeled shoes with open toes let you walk in the forefront of fashion and show you are full of taste.

Workplace lady style

In addition to neutral trousers, ladies can also take a lady-like style for interviews. A little dress can make you feel professional in gentleness. Note, a little dress is enough. Jewelry or accessories are not required. But make sure the neckline and hem are suitable. Avoid short skirts and low cuts, and avoid exposing the neckline too much. Pair such a skirt with black high heels or ballet flats.

Business casual style

You can also choose shirts with buckles in different colors and black pants or skirts. If you are interviewing in a start-up company, you can look casual with khaki or dark jeans.

Forever little black dress

The elegant little black dress is simple. So, buy a dress that can cover the knees, and finally pair it with a pair of black high heels to make a classic and timeless business suit.

Job Interview for the Men

Man wearing smart clothes for interview

For men, you need to choose an outfit according to the degree of formality of the occasion. Generally speaking, the events are classified as follows:

Strict business dress interview

The appropriate attire for a business interview is typically strict business attire. In what instances should you wear strict business attire? If your job interview requires you to wear a business suit every day, then the only way to make you look formal in the job interview is to wear a well-made suit. Especially if the industry you are applying for has high requirements for image. So, how do you match it on such an occasion? Let us take a look.

Jacket: A common mistake men make is wearing jackets that are too short in length. The jacket should ideally end just below the waistline, but if you have a longer torso, you can get away with a slightly longer jacket. A tailored fit, if possible; if you cannot afford custom clothing, then have your ready-to-wear suit adjusted for your measurements by a tailor.

Shirt: The shirt should comprise natural material, such as cotton. It should have a spread or point collar. The collar points should be crisp, not wilted.

Shoes: Plain black oxford balmorals, well-shined. Socks and trouser colors should match.

Tie: Think conservative colors and patterns — it should not be too bright or attractive. Your tie should be long enough so that the bottom end can touch the waistband.

The business dress job interview

This level of dressing style is the same as above. However, the most basic requirements for business attire are to wear a business suit, a white shirt, a tie, and some conservative accessories. The arrangement is as follows:

Suit: Dark-colored and smooth textured; it is either no pattern or fine white pinstripes. For suits, it’s best to stick to single-breasted designs.

Shirt: Plain white or white with light patterning. Point or spread (not button-down) collar and a clean, pressed shirt will make you look better in any environment. Tailored fit if possible.

Shoes: A black leather balmoral oxfords, polished shoe. Socks and trouser colors should match.

Tie: Any low-key, business-friendly style is good. Avoid shiny reflective materials.

Business casual job interview

The basic styles of business casual wear are as follows:

Jacket: A dark, non-patterned, or lightly patterned sports coat or blazer is the safest option. Wool is best because it’s durable and machine washable.

Pants: Solid color with minimal texturing. Brown or gray work in most situations, but avoid khakis, because they are not formal.

Shirt: A collared shirt is the most appropriate for a job interview. However, you can also wear a button-down collared shirt if you prefer it.

Shoes: Black or brown leather shoes are the best choice for your interview attire. The socks should contrast the trouser color.

Tie: Any color or style can be used for these occasions, as long as they match the shirts, jackets, and pants.

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