How to avoid jealousy at work?

How to avoid jealousy at work

It is human nature to strive for success in life. We have become a society obsessed with success, the need to succeed is subliminally placed in every message we receive. On the flip side, watching someone else outrun us on our way can lead to being jealous at work. We all want to turn our careers into something we can look back on and be proud of. One deterrent to career success is jealousy. It can be a potent emotion. Even at work, jealousy can prove to be quite detrimental. It can affect work progress and ruin relationships between coworkers, making you feel like the green-eyed monster which no one wants to be. 

Taking a closer look

Scientists have now discovered that the part of your brain that controls jealousy is also the part of your brain that senses pain. Looking at jealousy as a form of mental pain explains why we experience such intense feelings. The green-eyed monster can cause such pain that we act out in ways that can keep success at bay. Jealousy can also prevent you from getting a job altogether. If you go into an interview and are displeased with the position offered, spouting off about why you should have gotten a position already given to another candidate, can set off some red flags for employers. So, before this emotion ends up getting the best of you, why not figure out ways to avoid jealousy at work altogether?

Let’s think about the example of being jealous of your coworker’s promotion. How can you be jealous if you never held the position of your co-worker? When you stop and think about it, jealousy is an unnecessary thought process that we tend to torture ourselves with. Jealousy is a cause of unhappiness. There are enough problems in life, outside of work, that it can be highly counterproductive to let jealousy impede your work life. 

Facing it head-on!

One of the first steps of avoiding jealousy at work is to face it head-on. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and try to make an honest assessment of whether there is truly any reason to be jealous of your co-worker. Are they getting better assignments at work? Are they getting away with missing deadlines? Getting answers to these obvious questions can help you better understand the root cause of your problem and get rid of all the negative emotions building inside you.

Addressing the issue

Simply acknowledge how you are feeling and admit it to your coworker. If they have recently been promoted then go ahead and start by congratulating them in a positive and friendly manner. Subtly mention that even though you are happy for them, you are also a bit envious of their success and hope that you can reach there soon. This will help you escape the ego trap that you have been dwelling in for days, as well as bring about a sense of positivity in the air.

This is also a great time to seek advice from that co-worker or ask for tips to help you reach your career goals. Conversations like these won’t just serve to take the load off your chest. It may also help you realize that no one’s life is perfect.

Stop comparing yourself

We have all fallen prey to this at some point in our lives, or maybe even more. Studies reveal that often the jealousy we face towards others reflects something that we lack in our own lives. You may not necessarily be aware of it on a conscious level. Taking stock of our achievements and setbacks allows us to redirect our focus on what we have and do not have at the moment. Allowing yourself the courage to surrender to comparisons lets you regain all that misplaced energy and utilize it productively. You can now shift your focus back on your own career goals and your path to success, hence steering clear of and avoiding jealousy at work altogether.


Bringing the focus back to yourself 

While “envy” in itself may just be nothing more than a natural human trait, if left unnoticed, it can potentially wreck your career. Keep bringing the focus back to yourself. At the end of each day, look within and count how you may have helped someone or contributed to something positive.

Remember, being occasionally envious of a colleague or a co-worker is natural. But it is vital to take stock of that emotion. If remained unchecked, it can drain you out and ruin relationships at work but also derail you off your career path. So do not let jealousy get in between you and your happiness. Life is what you make of it, and the ability to let go of negativity is essential to success. 

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