What were the Responsibilities of your Last Position?


There is no doubt that employers seek people who have experience and responsibilities in the specified field they are hiring in. Therefore, job seekers must highlight how their past job experience can benefit the company they are applying for. Below, we discuss how you can successfully answer the question.

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Previous job experience

When companies post proposals for job vacancies, they mention the essential job duties and responsibilities. Keep in mind the primary keywords mentioned under the job description. Instead, try using those in-between explaining your previous job duties. For example, the job description might include “able to handle cash”. So, while mentioning your previous job duties, you can say something related to being good at cash counters or managing accounts. This way, you can relay how your past job experience will benefit you in your current job.

Show teamwork responsibilities

One of the most common demands of a job is to work in a team when needed. Therefore, do your best to highlight your experience working in a team — no matter how minimal it was. Employers demand workers who can alter their responsibilities according to the job. If you can show that you have experience working both ways and are capable enough to coordinate the work, nothing can be better.

Prove you had significant responsibilities

No matter how big or small, every job benefits from a good employee. When answering this question, try using adequate vocabulary to prove that you were a significant part of the company. Every profession and experience enables you to learn new things, and every role is essential. From an entry-level job to that of a manager — all that matters is the way you portray yourself as an integral part of the job. Make the best out of the experience you gained by the way you describe your previous job and its related duties.

Mention instances that prove your dedication

The minor incidents that prove that you are a dedicated employee are something that all managers appreciate and seek in a future employee. Whether it’s working on your day off to lessen the load, or being there in your colleague’s time of need. Try to describe those minor incidents that prove you are ready to give your all in your new role. Show the organization you will work twice as hard by explaining your level of dedication in your previous job.

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