How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself?”


During an interview, the most common question is, “Tell me about yourself”. Still, people don’t know how to answer this question correctly. From personal details to professional achievements, you can cover various topics in one answer. In the below paragraphs, we set out how you can fulfil the demand of this question and answer wisely.

Don’t forget the “purpose”

This very question can have multiple answers concerning diversified areas of life. But the correct way to answer this question is by keeping in mind the purpose of the interview. If this question is asked in an interview, the most expected answer would be related to your past job experiences, qualifications, or skills. Fulfilling the question’s demand is crucial; therefore, comprehending the purpose and answering accordingly is the right way to respond. Don’t go off track and answer your question appropriately.

Don’t go into personal details

Talking about your marital status or family members in your family is not required, neither is your religion or favorite season. Mentioning topics unrelated to your prospective job shows a lack of professionalism, so stick to the purpose and answer the question.

Don’t mention your downfalls

Proving that you deserve the job and can handle all the responsibilities related to it is the purpose of a job interview. If you mention your setbacks, this will only affect you negatively. Try to build a good first impression and avoid mentioning your downfalls. Instead, talk about the skills and traits you have that the company could benefit from. Show the best in you, and you will do fine.

Talk more about your skills

Make the most out of this question by talking about what you bring to the table. You might not get a better opportunity to express your talent and skills. So answer this question in a way that shows you deserve the job. If you have an excellent academic record or volunteer experience related to the role, shout about it! Saying that you can work individually and in a group is admirable, yet essential. So including these traits can boost your answer significantly.

Prepare in advance

It’s always wise to prepare in advance, so have some essential points in mind for common questions. This not only prepares you for the interview but also boosts your confidence. Read the job description, mark the job’s characteristics, and use those keywords in your answers. These essential steps could benefit you a lot and help you secure the job.

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