How to Become An Influencer

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Believe it or not, being an influencer is popular now! The growth of social media and its many benefits means people want to be the next big thing on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Becoming an influencer isn’t as easy as your favorite influencers make it seem. It takes time, consistency, patience, and creativity. But don’t worry, here are some key steps you can take for starting off your influencing career!


Find your niche

When becoming an influencer, you need to have a specific role on your platform — the thing that makes you unique. It’s not mandatory to have just one thing, but you want people to identify you for something specific, whether it be for gaming or lifestyle and beauty.

Examples of Niches:









Health and Fitness


Choose a Social Media Platform

Picking the right social media platform for your niche matters. You can use them all if you like, but certain social media platforms might work best for your specific niche. For example, gaming works best on Twitch and YouTube.

Create a Plan

Creating a plan before stepping into your influencing career can help a ton! Figure out what content you are going to post, what your profile picture and channel art will be, and how you’ll attract people to your content. How often will you post? Do you have a content calendar? How often will you take breaks to prevent burnout? Create a plan to visualize your strategy.

Be consistent

Starting out might be challenging. Receiving no views or likes can be disheartening and might make you want to quit. But don’t give up! No one said that it would be easy, but it will be worth it in the long run. Few people become famous or popular overnight. It takes time and dedication, so don’t lose hope.

Draw attention

When you click on a video, think about what draws you to one. Many influencers draw attention with their thumbnails or the first five seconds of their videos. Take a leaf from their book and be unique and creative. Find different methods for attracting an audience and stick to them.

Listen to your audience

Ask your audience what types of content they want to see. After all, their input matters most. You want to post things you know people are going to watch. Alternatively, go to the comment section and see what people have to say. Viewers love when their favorite influencer engages with them, and it will give you a more genuine edge.

Don’t take shortcuts

Using bots and different apps, or getting people to follow for follow in order to boost followers will only drag you down. People will quickly notice and will associate it with attention-seeking or cheating. If you only get 200 views a week and have 60 subscribers and magically bump up to 3000 subs, it won’t add up. Stay consistent and patient and the views, followers and subscribers will surely follow.

Create Goals

Set goals for yourself to continue to engage. Many people create a goal to get a certain number of followers by a certain date. Some will set a goal to improve their content in some way. No matter the case, continue working hard and have fun while doing so.

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