7 Signs Your Interview Went Well


That anxious feeling before the interview doesn’t just disappear once you leave the room. In fact, it can grow more intense as you start to question just how well it went. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to tell.

Here are 7 signs to know if your interview went well!

7 Signs That the Interview Went Well

Three women walking and smiling after interview

1. Body language

Body language says a lot. Even if your interviewer appears calm and collected, their body language will tell the truth. Small social cues such as smiling, nodding and strong eye contact are all signs that they have every intention of hiring you.

2. The interview lasted long

If the interview lasted longer than expected, it could mean you may have secured the job. Your responses may have triggered a long-flowing conversation, sparking interest in the interviewer. A company wouldn’t want to waste time on someone they have no intention of hiring, after all.

3. Met other people at the company

Being introduced to potential colleagues is a sign that the interviewer intends to hire you. They may want to assess how you interact with team members and if you can build a rapport. While this doesn’t always happen, it’s definitely a good thing if they show you around the company.

4. The interviewer refers to you as a part of the team

This shows that the interviewer has already decided to hire you.

5. You are asked about other positions

If the interviewer asks you about another position, it could be because they have a specific role in mind for you. In some cases, the position being offered can be a better position than what you applied for.

6. They ask “When can you start?”

When an interviewer asks “When can you start?” that’s a key sign that you may have got the job. If they had no intention of hiring you, they would not ask. Some interviewers ask this to see how prepared you are, or how long your notice period is. So, before going into the interview, prepare a response if asked.

7. Received a follow-up email or phone call

If you receive a follow-up call or email, that is a good sign. In most cases, you most likely won’t get a response. Interviewers are extremely busy, so if they took some time to reply, that is something to be celebrated. The interviewer won’t waste time emailing or calling someone they don’t want to hire. If they respond, just know that they have an interest in hiring you. Congrats!

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